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Notes to self

Of possible articles to write, adding images to illustrate the information.

Player Clip

Create a page that explains some of the details about the player clip in Reflex. I.e. what to avoid, i.e. have clip textures brush faces touch normal brushes since this leads to lighting issues. Mention the trick of having only brush edges of player clip touch, e.g. to smooth off any snagging in corners or around other "in the way" geometry.

Fastest Lightmap Compiles

Via scripts that scale down the window to 128x128 pixels, facing outward of the geometry, bound to two keys.

Converting Q3A Maps to Reflex

  • Mention chronokun's tool and what it can do.
  • Mention my pk3 texture pack, to preview and texture maps in GTKradiant, to then be converted to Reflex, with all the proper texture already in place.
  • Mention tips about converting Q3A caulk to the nodraw (darkcaulk) texture used by Reflex, to optimize lightmap compile times.
  • Point out that any map initially create for Q3A will have structural and detail brushes, the former needed not be caulked in Q3A, the latter did. Under Reflex every unseen face should be darkcaulked.
  • Generally it is a good idea to merge brushes and reduce their number if possible, generally just cleaning up the original Q3A map. (CGS Merge)
  • Mention mitering and that Reflex has issues with angled brushes and texture alignment. Its good for one-texture faces e.g. on walls, but less so for floor edging (e.g. 16u wide trims). Mention experiences from AEdm7R and the conversion of AEtimeR and AEpyraR.
  • Entity conversion or the lack thereof. E.g. good idea to place dummy cubes where the JP or AP destination entities were originally placed, since their placement works exactly the same way as in Q3A. Dummy brushes for JPs also can help.
  • Some thoughts on items placement of weapons and health.

Lightmap Bleeding

  • Make it clear that the game engine, and the light compile still is not fully optimized to avoid light bleeding of e.g. the sky. There are a few tricks you can do to reduce issues, e.g. put an open darkcaulk box under your map where it cannot be seen, or ensure that brush edges "match in length", to avoid possibly issues with missing t-junctions (also helps avoid sparklies potentially).

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