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About my Editing

Presently helping out with the content transfer and creation for the Reflex FPS. My focus will be the built-in level editor though.

AEon (talk) 14:47, 12 December 2014 (UTC)

Other Wiki work

Have been editing wikis for quite some time now, the last one was for Skyrim. Since that site and the others are more established, being able to look into design, layout, template code etc. should help improve this wiki.

Dynamic Tables using Template Information

Using DPL it is possible to e.g. look through the list of all the console commands that use the very same template, and check which of them still need a description. Example DPL code is on the Sandbox page.

Work Progress

  • Added alternating stripe code to table rows, for tables that are sortable. Can be seen in Map Editing Command Reference.
  • Created a template for commands: Template:Infobox_command, lets us format commands into a table. Actually it fills out a page. (presently not working, needs an extension installed)