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For a current list of console commands (as of Reflex v0.30.4), see the
Alphabetical List of Reflex Console Commands.

Reflex's Command Console

Reflex features a developer console, letting the user change settings and bind keys using an extensive set of console commands.

How to open the console

To open the console, run the game, then in game mode or editor mode (does not matter), hit the key to the left of the keyboard (left of 1 and under Esc), on the US keyboard that should be the ~-key on a German keyboard it is the ^-key.

Command name completion

Start typing the name of a command, and Reflex will suggest commands that begin with the typed letters, hit the Tab-key to auto-complete the command name. Hit Tab-key twice for a complete list of commands.

Check on default settings

To find out the current settings / parameters of a command, enter its name and hit Enter without any arguments. Note that some commands have no parameters attached.


cl_crosshair + Enter-key

will show the currently used crosshair style number seen in the HUD, and

cl_crosshair 0 + Enter-key

will turn off the crosshair altogether.

Valid bindable <key> names

The list of valid <key>s used by the bind commands are listed in Keylist.

== ASCII-formatted Command overview ==

This slightly outdated overview page is being kept for nostalgia reasons mostly. Allows a quick lookup of the commands though. (AEon)

See Alphabetical List of Reflex Console Commands for the latest updated information.
// The Reflex Console Commands  as of v0.28.4
// ---------------------------  v0.94 by AEon (12/10/2014 3:14:16 PM)

// Legend
<#>         Commands takes a number as argument, range varies.
<0/1>       Command can only be turned on = 1, or off = 0.

// Toggle commands
+attack                     // fire current weapon                  bind mouse1
+back                       // run backwards                             bind s
+editorcameradrag           // mouse view mode in editor            bind mouse2
+editorfacemode             // activate face mode on brush           bind shift
+editorprimary              // select and drag brushes in editor    bind mouse1
+editorroll                 // ???
+editortimelinedrag         // ???
+editorvertical             // vertical brush drag mode in editor      bind alt
+forward                    // run forwards                              bind w
+jump                       // jump                                 bind mouse2
+left                       // strafe left                               bind a
+right                      // strafe right                              bind d
+showscores                 // show the multiplayer score table        bind tab

// Untoggle commands, not used in binds... not sure why these are even needed?
-attack                     // deactivate key toggle of the + version above
-back                       // ...
-editorcameradrag           //
-editorfacemode             //
-editorprimary              //
-editorroll                 //
-editortimelinedrag         //
-editorvertical             //
-forward                    //
-jump                       //
-left                       //
-right                      //
-showscores                 //

addbind                     // ???
bind <key> <cmd> <parametr> // bind a <key> (from keylist) to a command in this list
bindResetToDefaults         // resets all binds to defaults
callvote                    //

// Client commands
cl_camera_freecam               //
cl_camera_next_player           //
cl_camera_player                //
cl_camera_prev_player           //
cl_corpse_time <#>              // 10.0, how long fragged bodies are shown in the map
cl_country                      // Set player country
cl_events <0/1>                 // Enable/disable special event effects
cl_gibs_expire_time <#>         // 10.0 default
cl_gibs_maxcount <#>            // 128 default, min value 1
cl_input_subframe <0/1>         // 0: input is processed per frame, 1: at 1kHz
cl_playercolour1 <#>            //
cl_playercolour2 <#>            //
cl_playermelee                  //
cl_playerstate <0/1>            // switch to EDIT from game (see toggleeditor); bind mouse3
cl_playerteam                   // switch to other team?
cl_portmax <#>                  // 25797 default
cl_portmin <#>                  // 25787 default
cl_replaymarker                 // While playing it marks that spot in the replay. You can then jump right to these points in the replay editor (still work in progress, newborn); bind m
cl_show_gun <0/1>               // toggle weapon model off/on;             bind h,j
cl_show_hud <0/1>               // toggle HUD off/on;                      bind u,i
cl_show_lagmeter <0/1>          //
cl_show_profiler <0/1>          //
cl_show_traffic <0/1>           //
cl_team_color_a <HEX>           // Team A color value in Hex format. Used when team colors set to Overridden.
cl_team_color_b <HEX>           // Team B color value in Hex format. Used when team colors set to Overridden.
cl_team_color_enemy <HEX>       // Enemy team color value in Hex format. Used when team colors set to Relative.
cl_team_color_friend <HEX>      // Friend team color value in Hex format. Used when team colors set to Relative.
cl_team_colors_overridden <0/1> // Overrides map-set team colors with cl_team_color_a/b.
cl_team_colors_relative <0/1>   // Overrides map-set team colors with cl_team_color_enemy/friend. Disregards teams, enemies will always be enemy color, friends always friend color.
cl_text_group                   // ???
cl_text_time <#>                // How long damage numbers will stay on screen.
cl_weapon_bob <0/1>             // Enables/disables weapon bob while moving.
cl_weapon_kickback <0/1>        // Enables/disables weapon kickback while firing.
cl_weapon_offset_x <#>          // 5.0, weapon left/right offset.
cl_weapon_offset_y <#>          // -10.0, weapon vertical offset.
cl_weapon_offset_z <#>          // 5.0, weapon forward/back offset.
cl_weapon_rotation <0/1>        // Enables/disables weapon bounce/sway while moving/jumping.
cl_weaponcycle                  // enables/disables weaponnext/weaponprev from being able to cycle back to beginning/end

com_idlesleep               // for dedicated servers, will very slightly reduce latency at the expense of pretty much maxing out your CPU. It was for testing and I'm surprised it's still in there (newborn).
com_maxfps                  // define the maximum frame rate of Reflex
connect <IP>                // directly connect to a Reflex server via <IP>
disconnect                  // disconnect from server;                 bind f12

editorclone                 // duplicate selected brush;             bind space
editordelete                // delete selected brush;         bind backspace, q
editorredo                  // redo an editor operation;                 bind x
editortoggleclipmode        // ??? (unimplemented);                      bind c
editortogglevertexmode      // toggle to vertex mode;                    bind v
editorundo                  // undo last editor operation;               bind z

hud_vote_x                  // 20,
hud_vote_y                  // 300,

keylist                     // list of "bind"able keys (see first post on page)
loadconfig <config>         // loads <config>.cfg file from main game folder

m_advanced <0/1>                 // enable advanced mouse/accel settings; KovaaK's Reflex acceleration wizard:
m_advanced_acceleration <#>      // amount of mouse acceleration
m_advanced_angle <#>             // mouse acceleration angle
m_advanced_input_frequency <#>   // set input frequency of mouse
m_advanced_offset <#>            // mouse acceleration offset
m_advanced_postscale_x           // mouse acceleration scale for x axis
m_advanced_postscale_y           // mouse acceleration scale for y axis
m_advanced_power                 // mouse acceleration curve, defaults to 2 (linear)
m_advanced_sensitivity_cap       // sets max sensitivity for mouse acceleration
m_enable                         // ???
m_invert <0/1>                   // 0, invert up/down mouse movement in view
m_speed <#>                      // 32.0, set the mouse sensitivity to movement in view

map <map>                   // launches server loading <map>.map file

me_activealbedo <HEX>                                             // set current material color
me_activematerial <mat>                                           // define active material on console manually
                                                                  //   e.g. internal/editor/textures/editor_nolight
me_breakprefab                                                    // Breaks selected prefab into it's components
me_createprefab <name>                                            // Turns selected items into a prefab, avoid putting pickups in prefabs as it is known to cause issues 
me_createtype worldspawn                                          // add brushed to the map;                   bind 1
me_createtype teleporter                                          // add a TP brush;                           bind 2
me_createtype jumppad                                             // add a JP brush;                           bind 3
me_createtype target                                              // add a target entity;                      bind 4
me_createtype effect                                              // add effect to the map;                    bind 5
me_createtype pickup                                              // add a pickup;                             bind 6
me_createtype pointlight                                          // add a light entity;                       bind 7
me_createtype playerspawn                                         // add a player spawn point;                 bind 8
me_createtype prefab                                              // add a prefab;
me_createtype racefinish                                          // add a race end point;
me_createtype racestart                                           // add a race start point;
me_createtype reflectionprobe                                     // add a reflectionprobe;
me_createtype volumeselect                                        // add a volume select brush;
me_createtype weaponrestrictor                                    // add a weaponrestrictor brush;
me_createtype workshopscreenshot                                  // add a worskshop screenshot target;
me_getmaterial                                                    // gets texture from active brush;   bind mouse5, k
me_listprefabs                                                    // list prefabs in map file
me_purgeprefabs                                                   // purge unused prefabs in a map
me_refmodel                                                       // These are just dev commands that allow you to put an unselectable mesh in the middle of a map. Pretty useless for users since they can't actually create the meshes anyway. Should probably be moved to our debug only commands (newborn).
me_refmodelalpha                                                  // ???
me_setentityproperty <entityid> <propertyname> <propertyvalue>    // sets the properties of an entity
me_setmaterial                                                    // puts texture on active brush;     bind mouse4, m
me_showclip <0/1>                                                 // Shows/hides clip brushes while in editor
me_showproperties 1                                               // opens property window for selected item;  bind n
me_snapangle <#>                                                  // set the angle in degrees for rotating objects
me_snapdistance 2                                                 // set the grid to 2 units snap distance;   bind f6
me_snapdistance 8                                                 //                                          bind f7
me_snapdistance 16                                                //                                          bind f8
me_snapdistance 32                                                //                                          bind f9
me_snapdistance 64                                                //                                         bind f10
me_snapdistance 128                                               //                                         bind f11
me_updateprefab <name>                                            // updates specified prefab with currently selected objects
me_volumeselect_apply                                             // applies selection to current objects within volumeselect brush

// Texture alignment commands
me_texcoords_dec_offset_x   //                                        bind left
me_texcoords_dec_offset_y   //                                        bind down
me_texcoords_dec_rotation   //                           bind mousewheelup or ,
me_texcoords_dec_scale_x    //                                      bind insert
me_texcoords_dec_scale_y    //                                      bind delete
me_texcoords_flip_scale_x   //                                      bind pageup
me_texcoords_flip_scale_y   //                                    bind pagedown
me_texcoords_inc_offset_x   //                                       bind right
me_texcoords_inc_offset_y   //                                          bind up
me_texcoords_inc_rotation   //                         bind mousewheeldown or .
me_texcoords_inc_scale_x    //                                        bind home
me_texcoords_inc_scale_y    //                                         bind end
me_texcoords_lock <0/1>     // 0, ???

memreport                   // ???

name <player name>          // set the player name
notready                    //
play                        // Plays a replay but these are broken at the moment (newborn).
profileplay                 // Plays a replay and tells you how many FPS you averaged during it (newborn).
px_cuda <0/1>               // 0, ??? (probably only NVidia cards are set to 1)
quit                        // exit Reflex

ui_hide_all                            // hides all UI widgets
ui_hide_widget                         // hides specified UI widget
ui_list_widget                         // lists installed widgets
ui_menu_show_widget_properties_height  //
ui_reset                               // resets ui
ui_set_widget_anchor <name> <x> <y>    // sets the grid anchor of widget
ui_set_widget_offset <name> <x> <y>    // sets x/y offset of widget
ui_set_widget_scale  <#>               // sets scale of widget
ui_set_widget_zindex <#>               // sets priority(?) of widget
ui_show_axis                           // shows axis of widgets on screen, useful for positioning
ui_show_mouse_regions                  // shows clickable regions on menu ui
ui_show_widget                         // shows specified widget
ui_viewport_height                     // sets viewport height for screen
ui_<widgetname>_<option> <value>       // Many widgets have cvars that can be changed in the console

// Renderer commands
r_adapter                          // Specifies video adapter?
r_bloom <0/1>                      // 1, turn on/off bloom effect
r_decals <0/1>                     // 1, show decals
r_depth_export_scale <#>           // 13.5,
r_desktop_composition              // ???
r_dynamic_lights <0/1>             // 1, show lights rendered in real time (expensive)
r_effect_quality <0/1/2>           // sets quality of game effects; 0 - low, 1 - medium, 2 - high 
r_fog <0/1>                        // enables/disables depth fog
r_fov <#>                          // 110, the field of view
r_fullscreen <0/1>                 // 1, switch between window (desktop) and full screen mode
r_fullscreen_forcestretched <0/1>  // forces stretched resolution in fullscreen
r_fxaa <0/1/2/3>                   // fast approximate anti-aliasing; 1-3 is low to high quality
r_hbao <0/1>                       // enables/disables HBAO ambient occlusion
r_high_vis <0/1>                   // 1, Activate "high visibility" render mode/Remove block effect 
r_listmodes                        // ???
r_lm_build                         // perform lightmap compile of the map;      bind f4
r_lm_clear                         // ???, delete the lightmap file?
r_lm_probe_batch_count <#>         // 128, ???
r_lm_showprobes <0/1>              // 0, show the light probe spheres (for dynamic lights) in map
r_lm_stats <0/1>                   // 0, show compile stats, texels/s, compile duration, bounces
r_meshquality <0/1/2>              // sets quality of meshes; 0 - low, 1 - medium, 2 - high                                    
r_occlusion                        // enables/disables occlusion culling
r_profiler <0/1>                   // (not working), shows usage cpu/gpu on time spend in rendering
r_refreshrate <#>                  // 60.0, set the monitor's refresh rate
r_resolution_fullscreen <x> <y>    // set fullscreen resolution
r_resolution_windowed <x> <y>      // set windowed resolution
r_shader_quality <0/1/2>           // sets quality of effect shaders ; 0 - low, 1 - medium, 2 - high 
r_shadow_quality <0/1/2>           // sets quality of shadows, high is very resource intensive ; 0 - low, 1 - medium, 2 - high 
r_showfps <0/1>                    // 0, display the number of frames per second in HUD
r_showlights <0/1>                 // black map, light entities show (items, TP, ...)
r_silhouette                       // shows/hides team/spectating player silhouttes through walls.
r_smaa <0/1/2/3>                   // spatial anti aliasing; ; 1-3 is low to high quality
r_stats 1                          // real-time stats: # lights, materials, drawcalls, shadowmaps, fps
r_sun <0/1>                        // enables/disables sun lighting
r_sun_intensity <#>                // sets sun intensity, higher makes it brighter
r_vsync <0/1>                      // synchronize game frame rate with monitor refresh rate
r_zprime <0/1>                     // ???

// Replay commands (aka demo recording and replay)
re_add_keyframe               // adds animation/camera movement keyframe
re_edit_toggle                // toggles keyframe editor (a sub-mode like vertices in map editor)
re_export                     // starts dumping frames to disk as TGAs (newborn)
re_export_frame_rate          // determines the frames per second target for re_export (newborn).
re_next_frame                 // moves replay 1 frame forward;  bind ]
re_next_keyframe              // moves to next keyframe created with add_keyframe; bind .
re_next_marker                // moves to next custom marker placement
re_prev_frame                 // moves replay 1 frame backward;          bind [
re_prev_keyframe              // moves to previous keyframe created with add_keyframe, bind ,
re_prev_marker                // moves to previous custom marker
re_remove_keyframe            // deletes keyframe created with add_keyframe
re_save                       // hopefully this will save to an external keyframe/telemetry file
re_seek_to                    // moves replay to specific time
re_set_angle                  // set camera angle
re_set_angle_lerp             // sets the interpolation method used when changing angles between keyframes (newborn)
re_set_player_attached_to     // attach camera to specific player
re_set_player_looking_towards // set camera position/angle to look in certain direction
re_set_position               // set camera position
re_set_position_lerp          // sets the interpolation method used when changing position between keyframes (newborn)
re_show_camera_node_list      // shows list of camera nodes
re_speed 0                    // stop replay;                            bind o
re_speed 1                    // play replay at normal speed;            bind p
re_spline_visible_travel_time // shows camera path waypoints
re_zero_roll                  // sets the roll of the camera back to 0, difficult to do otherwise (newborn).

ready                       // bind f3
reconnect                   //
referee                     // enter referee mode
reset_vars                  // reset settings to default
roll                        // roll a number, can specify a number range

s_volume <#>                // 0.4, set the volume
saveconfig                  // saves current config, or saves config with specified name
savemap                     // quicksaves the current map;              bind f5
savemap <mapname>           // manually saves map under <mapname>.map
say                         // open chat window;                  bind space, t
sayteam                     // open team chat window;                    bind y
screenshot                  // saves screenshot in base\screenshots\ as TGA file
screenshotClean             //
screenshotWithDepth         // takes two screens, normal, and depth represented in grey scale
showscorescursor            // shows cursor in scoreboard
showscorescursorhook        // allows showscorecursor to hook into jump/attack key

// Server commands
sv_allowedit <0/1>                    // allow clients to edit the map on the server
sv_allowmodes                         // set what modes to allow on server
sv_autorecord <0/1>                   // 1, automatically takes a server side replay of all games.
sv_country                            // set country flag
sv_gameport 25787                     // 40, The FPS the server runs at. In Reflex, upping this mostly just wastes extra bandwidth for no good reason (newborn).
sv_hostname <servername>              // name server shown on server lists
sv_kick_ban_time_seconds              // sets amount of time before a player can rejoin after being kicked
sv_maxclients <#>                     // 8, maximum number of clients that can connect to server
sv_publishport                        // 
sv_refpassword                        // password for referee mode
sv_report_back_missing_client_packets //
sv_startmap <map>                     // the <map>.map file to load on server launch
sv_startmode <mode>                   // the mode the server will start on
sv_startrotation                      // starting server rotation
sv_startwmap                          // workshop map to start on
sv_steam                              // enable/disable steam integration
sv_timelimit <#>                      // 600; time limit for each game round
sv_timelimit_round                    // 90; time limit for round-based modes (a1v1/affa/atdm etc)

toggleeditor                // toggle between editor and game;      bind mouse3

unbind <key>                // unbinds a <key>, use keylist for a list of valid keys
unbindall                   // unbinds all keys previously defined
unreferee                   // exits referee mode

vote_no                     //                                          bind f2
vote_yes                    //                                          bind f1

// Weapons
weapon 1                    // Axe;                                   
weapon 2                    // Burstgun;                                
weapon 3                    // Shotgun;                                
weapon 4                    // Grenade Launcher;                              
weapon 5                    // Plasma Gun;                                    
weapon 6                    // Rocket Launcher;                            
weapon 7                    // Ion Cannon;                                  
weapon 8                    // Bolt Rifle;                                      
weapon 9                    // Stake; Currently removed from game.                      
weaponnext                  // switch to next available weapon
weaponprev                  // switch to previous available weapon

wmap <id>                   // loads a map from the workshop using it's workshop id