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Infobox command
Infobox command


{{infobox command
| command       =
| parameters    =
| image         =
| default_para  =
| default_key   =
| alternate_key =
| short_descr   =
| description   =
  • command, the actual name of the command.
  • parameters, the parameter(s) of the command, e.g. <material path>, <number>, <0/1> (a switch) or explicit ranges. If there is no parameter, just keep the field empty!
  • image, may be used to visualize what the command does via screenshot, in most cases not really useful. Just add the name of the image, e.g. Command_<command name>.jpg.
  • default_para, the command may already have a default parameter value, mention it here.
  • default_key, in the default distribution of the game many commands are bound to keys, mention that <key>, else keep field empty. The supported <key> names can be found on the keylist page.
  • alternate_key, the command might be bound to a custom, more preferred <key>, suggest that <key> in this field.
  • short_descr, a very brief description, one line, of what the command does.
  • description, a possibly very much longer description with examples of what the command does. Also feel free to add tips on what to do with it.