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Saves current settings in configuration file.
Parameter(s) <config>
saveconfig <config>

Reflex stores its configuration files in the main game folder, i.e. under reflexfps\. The command automatically appends the extension .cfg, so that this should not be typed on the console.

saveconfig basically dumps all currently set key bindings and other non-default game settings into reflexfps\<config>.cfg.

As of 0.33.2 saveconfig without any parameter will save into reflexfps\game.cfg.

Also see loadconfig.

System configuration files

Central to the working of the game are reflexfps\game.cfg and reflexfps\editor.cfg.

Update: As of 0.33.1 the editor.cfg no longer exists. Now all bindings are saved in game.cfg using bind's new <mode> parameter.

The former defines the key bindings and console command settings when playing in game mode. These very much differ from the bindings and settings used by the map editor defined in the latter config. When switching between game and editor mode the appropriate configuration is automatically loaded.

There is also a reflexfps\dedicatedserver.cfg that demonstrates how to set up and run a dedicated server.

Warning: Be careful not to overwrite these configs by accident. It is better to name your config dump differently.