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Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 2.3.0 : Warning: No results.

Dynamic Command List Table

Command Parameter(s) Default
+attack mouse1 Fire current weapon.
+back s Run backwards.
+crouch shift Makes your player crouch.
+editorcameradrag mouse2 When held, move the first person view in the map editor.
+editorfacemode shift Activate face mode on brush.
+editorprimary mouse1 Select, drag, and create brushes in the map editor.
+editorroll Roll/Tilt the camera
+editortimelinedrag shift When the key is held, seek forward and backwards on the current replay when the mouse is dragged left/right.
+editorvertical alt When held lock movement of entity to Up/Down in map editor.
+forward w Run forwards.
+jump space mouse2 Jump.
+left a Strafe left.
+right d Strafe right.
+showscores tab Show the multiplayer score table.
addbind <key> <command> <parameter> Bind more than one command to the same <key>.
bind <mode> <key> <command> <parameter> Bind a <key> to a command.
callvote <type> <value> Call votes on server.
cl_camera_freecam / Point-of-View spectating, freely roam the map.
cl_camera_next_player . Point-of-View spectating, change to previous player.
cl_camera_prev_player , Point-of-View spectating, change to previous player.
cl_corpse_time <number> 10.0 Duration in seconds fragged bodies are shown in the map.
cl_country <country code> Changes the players flag.
cl_crosshair 1 to 16 Change crosshair style.
cl_crosshair_color 1 to 6 Change the crosshair colour.
cl_events <0/1> Enable or Disable all the special event customizations.
cl_gibs_expire_time <number> 10.0 Duration in seconds gibs are shown in the map.
cl_gibs_maxcount <number> 128, min value is 1 Changes the amount of gibs shown when a player dies.
cl_player_outline_colour_enemy <number> 3 Set the outline colours of enemies.
cl_player_outline_colour_friendly <number> 0 Set the outline colour of friendlies
cl_playerstate <0/1> 0 mouse3 Switch to EDIT mode from game.
cl_playerteam Switch to other team?
cl_portmax <number> 25797 Restricts the allowed server port range, upper limit.
cl_portmin <number> 25787 Restricts the allowed server port range, lower limit.
cl_replaymarker m Marks spot in replay.
cl_show_gun <0/1> Enable or Disable the first person weapon models.
cl_show_hud <0/1> u, i Toggle HUD off/on.
cl_show_keys Shows keys when pressed on HUD.
cl_text_group <0/1> 1 Turn damage number grouping on/off for the Shotgun / Burstgun.
cl_text_time <number> How long the damage numbers will stay on screen.
cl_weapon_bob <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable first person weapon bob animations.
cl_weapon_kickback <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable first person weapon kickback animations.
cl_weapon_offset_x <number> 5.0 Changes the position of the first person weapon model on the X axis.
cl_weapon_offset_y <number> -1.5 Changes the position of the first person weapon model on the Y axis.
cl_weapon_offset_z <number> 5.0 Changes the position of the first person weapon model on the Z axis.
cl_weapon_rotation <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable first person weapon rotation animations.
com_idlesleep <0/1> 1 Optimize server latency (test).
com_maxfps 125 Define the maximum frame rate.
connect <IP> Directly connect to a Reflex server via <IP>.
disconnect f12 Disconnect from server.
editorclone g space Duplicate selected object.
editordelete backspace q Delete selected object.
editorredo x Redo an undone editor operation.
editortoggleclipmode c Activate the clipping tool.
editortogglevertexmode v Toggle to vertex mode.
editorundo z Undo last editor operation.
keylist List of bindable keys.
loadconfig <config> Loads a configuration file.
m_invert <0/1> 0 Invert up/down mouse movement in view.
m_speed <number> 15.0 Set the mouse sensitivity.
map <map name> Launches server loading <map name>.map.
me_activealbedo <octal> 00000000 The colour for the active material.
me_activematerial <material path> Define active material manually.
me_breakprefab Break selected prefab(s) into individual pieces.
me_createprefab <name> Create a prefab out of the selected entities.
me_createtype <type> worldspawn Add special objects to the map.
me_createtype WorkshopScreenshot Add a WorkshopScreenshot entity to the map.
me_createtype effect 5 Add an effect entity to the map.
me_createtype jumppad 3 Add a JP trigger entity.
me_createtype pickup <pickup #> 6 Add a pickup entity.
me_createtype playerspawn 8 Add a player spawn point.
me_createtype pointlight 7 Add a light entity.
me_createtype prefab Add a prefab entity to the map.
me_createtype race_finish add a race_finish trigger brush.
me_createtype race_start add a race_start trigger brush.
me_createtype reflectionprobe Add a reflectionprobe entity to the map.
me_createtype target 4 Add a target entity.
me_createtype teleporter 2 Add a TP trigger entity.
me_createtype weaponrestrictor <number> add a weapon restrictor trigger brush.
me_createtype worldspawn 1 Add brushes to the map.
me_destroyprefab <prefab name> Completely remove a prefab from the map file.
me_getmaterial k mouse5 Gets texture from active brush.
me_refmodel Place mesh in map.
me_setentityproperty <entityID> <property name> <property value> Change the properties of an entity.
me_setmaterial m mouse4 Puts active material on selected brush.
me_showclip <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable the visibility of clip brushes in the map editor.
me_showproperties <0/1> n Opens property window for selected item.
me_snapangle <angle> 90 Set the amount of rotation that is applied when the command me_rotate_dec or me_rotate_inc is used.
me_snapdistance <number> 16 f6, f7, f8, f9, f10, f11 Set the snap distance to be used for grid snapping while moving entities in the map editor.
me_texcoords_dec_offset_x left Moves the texture on a selected brush face to the left on the X axis.
me_texcoords_inc_scale_y end Increases the scale of textures for a selected brush face on the Y axis.
me_updateprefab <prefab name> Update the specified prefab with the current selected entities.
me_volumeselect_apply Toggle selection of all entities within the selected Volume Select Brush.
memreport Print memory allocation information to the console.
name <player name> Set the player name.
play <replay name> Plays a replay.
profileplay Run replay with stats.
profilereplay <replay name> Play through a replay, profiling performance information.
quit Exit Reflex.
r_adapter Select which GPU reflex uses.
r_bloom <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable the bloom post processing effect.
r_decals <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable decals such as blood and bullet marks.
r_dynamic_lights <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable the rendering of dynamic lights.
r_dynamic_shadows <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable the rendering of dynamic shadows.
r_effect_quality <0/1/2> 2 Set the visual quality of the effects.
r_fog <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable fog.
r_fov <number> 110 Define the player's field of view.
r_fullscreen <0/1> 1 Switch between window (desktop) and full screen mode.
r_fullscreen_forcestretch <1/0> 0 Forces display stretching in fullscreen.
r_fxaa <0/1> 1 Fast approximate anti-aliasing.
r_hbao <0/1> 0 Enable or Disable the rendering of HBAO.
r_high_vis <0/1> 0 Activate "high visibility" render mode.
r_listmodes Print all available display modes (resolutions and refresh-rates) to the console.
r_lm_autobuild <0/1> 0 Update lightmap compile for every change in the map.
r_lm_bounces <number> 3 Number of light bounces during lightmap compile.
r_lm_build f4 Perform lightmap compile of the map.
r_lm_clear Temporarily removes the light map but does not delete it.
r_lm_debug_scale <number> Scales the pages of the lightmap atlas.
r_lm_debug_show <0/1> 0 Visualize the lightmap atlas.
r_lm_probe_seperation <number> 64.0 How light sample spheres are spaced appart in all three dimensions.
r_lm_showprobe_correction <0/1> 0 Show the light probe sphere correction in map.
r_lm_showprobes <0/1> 0 Show the light probe spheres (for global lighting) in a map. Not to be confused with reflection probes.
r_lm_stats <0/1> 0 Show compile stats, texels/s, compile duration and bounces.
r_lm_texel_size <number> 16 Determines the precision used for the lightmap compile.
r_occlusion <0/1> Enable or Disable occlusion culling.
r_profiler <0/1/2> 0 Shows usage CPU/GPU on time spent in rendering.
r_refreshrate <number> 60.0 Set the monitor's refresh rate.
r_resolution <width> <height> <refresh rate> 1680 1050 60 Set resolution and refresh rate.
r_resolution_fullscreen <resolution x> <resolution y> Set the fullscreen resolution.
r_resolution_windowed <resolution x> <resolution y> Set the windowed resolution.
r_shader_quality <0/1/2> 1 Set the visual quality of the shaders.
r_shadow_quality <0/1/2> 1 Set the visual quality of the shadows.
r_shadow_resolution <0/1/2> 0 Change the resolution of spotlight shadows.
r_showfps <0/1> 0 Display the number of frames per second on the HUD.
r_showlights <0/1> Black map, light entities show (items, TP, ...).
r_silhouette <0/1> 1 Player silhouette drawn infront of walls.
r_ssao <0/1> 0 Turn on screen space ambient occlusion.
r_stats <0/1> 0 Real-time stats: # lights, materials, drawcalls, shadowmaps, and fps.
r_sun <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable Sun based lighting and shadows.
r_texture_microdetails <0/1> 1 Enable or Disable micro detail on textures.
r_texture_quality <0/1/2> 1 Set the visual quality of the textures.
r_texture_resolution <0/1/2> 1 Set the texture resolution.
r_vsync <0/1> 0 Synchronize game frame rate with monitor refresh rate.
re_add_keyframe Adds animation/camera movement keyframe.
re_edit_toggle <0/1> 0 Toggles between replay mode and keyframe editor mode.
re_export Starts dumping frames to disk as TGAs (Newborn).
re_export_frame_rate Determines the frames per second target for re_export (Newborn).
re_next_frame ] Moves replay one frame forward.
re_next_keyframe . Moves to next keyframe created with re_add_keyframe.
re_next_marker Moves to next custom marker placement.
re_prev_keyframe , Moves to previous keyframe created with re_add_keyframe.
re_prev_marker Moves to previous custom marker.
re_remove_keyframe Deletes keyframe created with re_add_keyframe.
re_save Hopefully this will save to an external keyframe/telemetry file.
re_seek_to Moves replay to specific time.
re_set_angle Set camera angle.
re_set_angle_lerp Sets the interpolation method used when changing angles between keyframes (Newborn).
re_set_fov <angle> Specify the FOV for your key frames
re_set_fov_lerp <None / Linear / QuadraticEaseIn / QuadraticEaseOut / QuadraticEaseInOut> <None> Specify the FOV lerp for your key frames
re_set_player_attached_to Attach camera to specific player.
re_set_player_looking_towards Set camera position/angle to look in certain direction.
re_set_position Set camera position.
re_set_position_lerp Sets the interpolation method used when changing position between keyframes (Newborn).
re_setentityproperty <entityID> <property name> <property value> Change the properties of an entity.
re_show_camera_node_list Shows list of camera nodes.
re_show_timecode <1/0> 1 Show/Hide the timecode display in the replay editor.
re_speed <0.0-10.0> o (stop), p (normal) Stop replay (0.0)
Half-speed (0.5)
Normal speed (1.0)
Double-speed (2.0).
re_spline_visible_travel_time Shows camera path waypoints.
re_zero_roll Reset camera roll.
ready f3 Tells the server that you are ready to begin a game.
reconnect Reconnect from server.
referee <sv_refpassword> Password to become a referee.
roll <number> Chose a random number between 0 and the number specified. If no number is specified, 100 will be used. The result is posted in chat.
s_music_volume <number> Set the music volume.
s_volume <number> 0.4 Set the volume.
saveconfig <config> Saves current settings in configuration file.
savemap <none> or <map name> f5, Save the map file.
say t space Open chat window.
sayteam y Open team chat window.
screenshot Save a screenshot
screenshotClean <horizontal resolution> <vertical resolution> Write a screenshot at the set resolution using the highest graphical settings with the HUD disabled.
screenshotWithDepth Saves a "depth" screenshot.
showscorescursor <key> Show the cursor in the scoreboard when activated.
showscorescursorhook <None/Attack/Jump> Allows the command showscorecursor to use your Jump or Attack key.
sv_allowcallvotemapmode <0/1> Enable or Disable allowing players to callvote map/mode on the server.
sv_allowedit <0/1> Allow clients to edit the map on the server.
sv_allowmodes ffa 1v1 tdm race ctf Server will prevent game mode changes to anything NOT in that list. If the list is empty, all modes are allowed.
sv_autorecord <0/1> 1 Automatically records a server-side replay of all games.
sv_country <isoCountry> Flag images of server shown in server browser.
sv_fps <number> 70 Set the frame/tick rate of the server.
sv_gameport <number> 25787 Set the server's gameport.
sv_hostname <server name> Name server shown on server lists.
sv_kick_ban_time_seconds <seconds> 300 Time banned after being kicked.
sv_maxclients <number> 8 Maximum number of clients that can connect to server.
sv_password string Server join password.
sv_public <0/1> Server shows up on public server lists.
sv_refpassword <sv_refpassword> Password to allow users to become a referee.
sv_startmap <map name> The <map name>.map file to load on server launch.
sv_startmode <mode> Define the server's initial game mode.
sv_startruleset <ruleset> casual The <ruleset> to load on server launch.
sv_startwmap <workshopID> The <workshopID> map to load on server launch.
sv_steam <0/1> 1 Server shows up on public server lists.
sv_steamport 25797 Set the server's port to Steam.
sv_timelimit <minutes> -1 Timelimit of a map.
sv_timelimit_round <number> 90 Time limit for each round.
toggleeditor 0 mouse3 Toggle between editor mode and game.
ui_define Used by the Reflex options menu, under widgets, to save widget offsets, achors, scales etc.
ui_hide_all Hide all user interface widgets.
ui_hide_widget <widgetname> Hide a specific user interface widgets from showing on the HUD.
ui_list_widgets Shows a list of all the user interface widgets.
ui_reset Restore the default UI config.
ui_set_widget_anchor <widgetname> <x> <y> Defines the widget's anchor.
ui_set_widget_offset <widgetname> <x> <y> Defines the widget's offset relative to the anchor.
ui_set_widget_scale <widgetname> <#> Defines the widget's scale.
ui_set_widget_zindex <widgetname> <zLayer> <widgetname> 0 Determine the layer "depth" of the widget.
ui_show_axis <0/1> 0 Show the anchor points and offsets for all widgets on the screen.
ui_show_mouse_regions <0/1> 0 Show the mouse regions for all widgets on the screen?
ui_show_widget <widgetname> Show a specific user interface widgets on the HUD.
ui_viewport_height Height of the viewport in pixels.
unbind <key> Unbinds a <key>.
unbindall Unbinds all keys previously defined.
unreferee Remove referee status from your client.
vote_no f2 Vote "no".
vote_yes f1 Vote "yes".
weapon <1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 1, 2, shift, r, mousewheeldown, mousewheelup, f, q, c Switches to numbered weapon.
weaponnext mousewheelup Switch to next available weapon.
weaponprev mousewheeldown Switch to previous available weapon.
wmap <workshopID> Used to change or callvote a map on the workshop