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1.0.0, March 7, 2017

Please see announcement post here:

See full changelog below.


  • Golden weapons now available - these are purchasable with competitive points in the profile menu
  • New character parts "Ronin", including legs, arms, chest, head
  • New melees: Katana, Tech Katana
  • Added arms: Colossal
  • Added heads: Jaguar, Owl, Monkey, Hockey, Hog, Cyborg, Roo


  • Added jumppad effects to jumppad brushes, subsequently jumppad green surfaces are no longer visible during play
  • Training maps have had a quick spit n polish applied


  • Updated Ironguard: Isengard off workshop
  • Added map Aerowalk


  • We've added bots to the game! They are not designed to beat the #1 player in the world, they are designed to practice against.
  • You can find bots under TRAINING -> bots.
  • You can add bots to your game via PLAY -> Host Game in the menu.
  • Alternatively you can use sv_addbot (additional available parameters displayed in console)
  • Bots are a first pass and will likely receive future improvements and fixes.

Bots (to map creators)

  • To use them in your levels, you can build navmesh with the editor toolbar (or with nav_build), these are saved when maps are saved, and published to workshop when maps are published
  • To debug the navigation, you can use nav_debug 1
  • Use EntityNavLink's to set up special jumps for bots, you can also help them take jumpads which are not usual trajectory
  • note: You'll need to upload your nav to the workshop before people can play bots on your maps!

General improvements:

  • Country code length from 2 to 7 chars (sct flag for CrazyAl)
  • Can now forfeit in overtime
  • r_smaa 1 is now default AA
  • screenshotClean will now ignore replay primitive objects (camera spline etc)
  • Entity reflection probe position now effects lighting hash (i.e. moving reflection probes will now cause lighting to become invalid)

MM improvements:

  • Blocked MM if game owner isn't same as logged in steam id (i.e. using family sharing)
  • Now receive CP for winning competitive games
  • Added Turbo Tuesday! Double CP
  • Matchmaking CA / TDM now strictly 4v4
  • Updated map pool (see announcement)

UI improvements:

  • Added team colours to kill feed, in non-team modes own results in kill feed take your primary colour, your kills are highlighted brighter
  • Added PickupNotifier widget
  • Added FragNotifier widget
  • Added TeamHud widget
  • ScreenEffects widget: added hurt/damage feedback
  • Awards now display for the correct time during replay export.
  • Crosshairs.lua updated: added hit feedback (additional drawn (choose from 1 of 7 available), configurable size, end size, intensity, duration), preview displays combined result that will be seen at initial damage dealt

Replay editor:

  • We've added a UI for the replay editor, including timecode + dropdown to select who you're following
  • ESC now works properly in replay editor, with a context-sensitive replay menu

Gameplay improvements:

  • Spawn system: suicide kills are no-longer random spawn.
  • Spawn system: LOS test now much looser (i.e. it won't pass if spawn point is hiding behind a pillar for that instant)
  • Changed gconst_grenade_trace_radius_world 1.0 -> 0.5
  • Changed gconst_grenade_trace_radius_entities 0.25 -> 0.0

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for crash occuring in client remote console when attempting to format bogus strings
  • MatchPicker widget: added clip on author name to prevent long names overhanging map tile
  • Fixed issue around "Start" button on menu where it was trying to show an empty hovertext next to it
  • Removed sounds heard during load screen
  • Game countdown no-longer aborts if someone disconnects in MM games. (I believe this was the cause of behaving players receiving bans - the countdown would stop as opponent has DCd, then they'd DC (rather than wait for the full timeout) which would give them short ban.)

1.0.4, March 9, 2017

Hi Everybody!

Has been an eventful few days, there has been lots of quick hot fixes going out to address critical issues. If you're curious the change-log is below:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed few menu.lua issues (changing resolution via UI, score in TRAINING -> bots on steam timeout)
  • Added protection for potential crash in client inventory (few crash reports in reporting same issue here)
  • Sound sub mixes (aka new effects / music channels) now correctly use full channel count (rather than always 2), fixes issues on 7.1 setups

General improvements:

  • Player info is no-longer hidden in replays
  • Removed load tip: "Thank you for supporting us during Early Access!"
  • Removed load tip: "Your friends should buy Reflex"


1.0.5, March 14, 2017

Hi Everybody!

Get your hot-fixes!

Art Improvements:

  • Fixed vertex colours on colossal arms LOD
  • Another pass on jumppad effects (this needs a re-work, it's still heavy on GPU)

Matchmaking Improvements:

  • After everyone readies up at the MM screen, if you disconnect the game will continue without you, and you'll likely lose MMR (unless your team wins for you :p)
  • Moved Brazil servers to a better host

General Improvements:

  • Added fall-back for edge case caused by MM server update, if you connect to MM now and are already in the "finding/preparing/connect to server state", the client will correctly skip straight to it
  • Client no-longer extrapolates remote spectators

Gameplay Improvements:

  • Spectator name change notification now hidden for players in MM servers when match in play
  • Spectator join/leave game notification now hidden for players in MM servers when match in play
  • Spectator roll notification now hidden for players in MM servers when match in play
  • Spectators no-longer see team chat
  • Aerowalk: fixed clip issue at RA, thickened a couple of clips, built new nav data
  • When killed by world (i.e. lava), the next spawn will now avoid the last person that did damage to you (wherever they are now). Or if there is no such person, it'll avoid your dead body.
  • (For the record: when suiciding (via command line, or rocket to face), The next spawn will avoid your dead body)

Bot improvements:

  • Now only check player spawn points when they have an enemy die
  • Now frantically want to respawn instead of waiting for respawn timer

UI improvements:

  • ArmorBar widget: re-ordered slider options, added center font option (default on, off = left align)
  • HealthBar widget: re-ordered slider options, added center font option (default on, off = right align)
  • Unified options across ArmorBar and HealthBar widgets
  • Fixed typo "specatators can not vote at this time"
  • Warning about loss when hovering over disconnect icon in MM game no-longer appears after game has ended.
  • Pickup timers are now provided to lua when playing a competitive ruleset replay

1.0.7, March 14, 2017

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue in sound manager that would cause the game to progressively run slower over time
  • HealthBar: fixed coloured bar incorrect offset