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0.49.0, January 30, 2017

Hi guys,

Matchmaking was released with a blast. We've had over 10,000 games played in just 2 weeks!

The focus of this build is to directly improve on our first pass matchmaking implementation with our observations made the community feedback we have received. :)

Matchmaking: Vote system

49 newvoting 75.png

  • We have re-worked the map voting system to a pick/drop solution where you cannot see your opponents vote until vote time is over
  • We wanted to keep the 3 random map selection still, but we do agree with giving the power to down rank a map, and have this map not played. So your down vote will out-rank the opponents up vote.
  • With larger groups the voting is cumulative, so be strategic when voting as a party!

Matchmaking: Spectate games

49 watchmm 75.png

  • People want to be able to watch active MM games (and so do we!). We've made this possible, and even added it as a tile to the home menu!
  • Spectators can only talk with other spectators, to ensure the people playing are not interrupted.

Matchmaking: Party support

49 party 75.png

  • We've added party support! So you can now grab your friend and queue up in the fun
  • Party chat is available in menu of course. You can also party chat in game via sayparty (default bind U).

Matchmaking: Lobby now optional

  • We've added a lobby checkbox on the Quickplay screen so people can chose to go play other things while they wait for the matchmaking queue to pop!
  • We also re-positioned the overlay so it wouldn't overlap game time widgets since you can play other games while in queue.

Matchmaking: Backend changes

  • We have re-structured how data is stored behind the scenes to split regions into US/EU etc
  • This is an ongoing process that's setting things up for the near future
  • MMR has been reset as a result.

Matchmaking: Servers

  • Added Brazil servers
  • Russian servers have moved location to hopefully provide better pings

UI improvements:

  • Health bar widget: added options from armour bar
  • Server browser: added option to sort servers by hostname
  • Server browser: restored "show old" option
  • Added prev/next page button to addon browser
  • MMR values now refreshed when going to main menu to ensure they're up-to-date on profile tile overlay
  • Updated twitter link in home menu

Art improvements:

  • Thicker MH pickup trails for improved visibility
  • Reduced IC impact sparks amount and size
  • Fixed bone orientation for adjustable wrench and pipe wrench
  • Armour mesh changed to hostile torso

Game improvements:

  • Disable previously set mutators when starting training from the menu
  • Added mutator: infinite ammo
  • Removed weapon hum in instagib mutator
  • Can no longer forfeit on racemode
  • Added enemy sounds for jump/land etc (thanks Greed)
  • Tweaked damage sounds for friendly/enemy players
  • Added new keybind mark replay, defaults to M
  • Added new loading tip: "Remember to hit 'Mark Replay' in your matchmaking games, you might be famous!",
  • Added new loading tip: "Matchmaking replays can be found at"

Lua changes:

  • Log type notification now has subtypes: generic, party, pickup
  • Log type chat now has additional subtype: party

Bug fixes:

  • Game now clamps cl_playercolor to safe ranges
  • Fixed potential crash bug when matchmaking popup times out & user is disconnected


0.49.1, Febuary 6, 2017

Hey Lads,

This update includes several bug fixes + optimisations. It also includes the addition of a time penalty for leaving matchmaking games early.

We've had some feedback recently with regards to people leaving matchmaking games early. This ruins the experience for the other player. To combat this we've added a time penalty if you don't play your game the whole way through. The forfeit option is still there and should be used if you concede defeat. If you forfeit there is no time penalty.

Matchmaking Improvements:

  • Can now only forfeit after > 2mins and losing by > +5points
  • If you quit a game in progress, you now incur a time penalty.
  • Leaving lobby no-longer removes you from MM queue
  • Disconnecting from server no-longer removes you from MM queue
  • If you disconnect from a MM game you were playing in, it will still remove you from MM queue
  • Added MM spinning icon next to "Quick Play" to help show that MM queue is still going
  • Timer says "Lobby" instead of "Warmup" when in lobby
  • Detailed match results now sent to masterserver on end of game
  • Added new Russian server in Novosibirsk
  • Added new EU server in Berlin


  • Added seconds to replay file name
  • Reduced suicide delay to 2 seconds (from 5) in race mode

Bug fixes:

  • UI now only informs you that leaving will count as a loss in a MM game if you're actually playing
  • Fixed crash on command line +play blah.rep
  • Fixed rich presense text to be correct when in lobby as party
  • Fixed bug where party leaders would remain in queue when members left


  • Fixed spatial coherency optimisation between player steps. should greatly reduce CPU load on client+server.


-- Shooter

0.49.2, Febuary 19, 2017

Hi everybody!

Quick point release today to address some bugs and help set things up for our next build.

There has been a lot of queries about our road map and future Reflex updates. We have some exciting plans in progress, we will be making these plans known next week :D

Bug fixes:

  • server now correctly reports disconnected state to master server
  • fixed party UI to now draw when it's off screen
  • optimised how internal asset lists are stored, which improves performance of script functions that look up assets by string (i.e. nvgSvg())
  • fixed issue where server list wasn't properly automatically refreshing when entering the "browse servers" menu