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0.48.0, January 10, 2017

Today we're releasing Matchmaking, our new 2v2 Ironguard from our previous competition, and many other small fixes!


So how does it work?

Under "PLAY" in the menu, you will see "Quick Play" which is the new Matchmaking, "Find Match" which is the server browsers, and "Create Match" which is the old Start Server.

Under Quick Play you can select all the "playlists" you want to queue for, and hit start.

At this point, you're put in a lobby server, here you can run around / practice etc while your worked through the queue. If you leave the lobby, you will be removed from the matchmaking queue.

Once a match is made, the players for your game will be sent off to another server to play your match. After this match that server will turn into a lobby server at which point you'll be automatically re-queued to matchmaking.

Is it ranked?

Competitive modes are ranked. After your first 10 placement matches you'll be able to see which division you have achieved. We also display a progress but which shows your progress through the division.

At the end of a match you'll see your division progress change due to the match results.

Casual modes are internally ranked, but the user is presented with XP, as the focus is on fun + gaining XP.

What ranks are there?

There are 7 ranks to work through

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Overlord
  • Prime Overlord

Where are the servers hosted?

We'd like to pass a huge thanks to Linden from Swiftnode, who is our official server host. We have servers hosted throughout US, EU, AU, Russia and Japan. We'll be watching server load and adjusted server numbers as required. If you select "Region" in the "Quick Play" screen you can see your ping to each region. If there's demand for another region please reply and if it's popular enough we'll look at adding servers there.

Further Notes

We don't have the resources to test matchmaking on a larger scale, so please be patient if it's a bit bumpy over the new few days/weeks as we tweak the system as players start to use it.

The playlists are not set in stone. We're interested to see which ones are popular, and open to any changes / suggestions people have on improving them / adding new ones. Update: I'll put a post together later day listing all playlists & map pool selection

Iron Guard

Iron Guard our recent 2v2 competition winning map has been release with an art pass. We've added several new supporting art meshes which now can be used in your own maps.

Bridge Tool

The bridge tool is a new map editor tool, this allows you to more easily create smooth geometry with brushes.

  • In editor, hold shift to select a face, push "B" to start
  • now go to another face and you'll see the wire-frame outline of brushes to be generated
  • you can use mousewheel to decrease/increase tessellation
  • when you click, the brushes are created.

New Cosmetics

  • Stun baton
  • Spartan head
  • Supporter pipe
  • Supporter cleaver

Mapping changes

  • Added authorString to worldspawn. This allows users to set a custom author string to support multiple authors.
  • The mode1v1, modeCTF etc properties in worldspawn now all default to off, you need to set these up properly next time you publish! Hopefully this will help cleanup the workshop somewhat.

Server Improvements

  • Added ip cvar for multi-home support (use +ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx as command line parameter)
  • Implemented rcon support following Source RCON protocol
  • Added sv_mode, sv_mutators, sv_ruleset to allow you to instantly change without callvote
  • Added sv_allowcallvote

Gameplay improvements

  • Added forfeit option
  • Added 2v2 gamemode
  • Team damage now off in casual ruleset
  • Casual CTF time limit reduces to 10 mins (from 15)
  • Casual arena score limits reduced (atdm 8->5, affa 8->5, a1v1 12->5)

Bug Fixes

  • Server STDIN now reads from console input rather than STDIN. This fixes issue where if STDIN is re-directed, we would end up spinning eating CPU usage.
  • Fixed bug in callvote shuffle where it would pull too many players over
  • Fixed issue where "Spectors", "Players", "Editors" etc titles would receive incorrect colours in scoreboard
  • Optimisation/fix: widget list only sent to when it changes (rather than every frame)
  • Server countdown won't start if server is still downloading from workshop (previously you could hear it on load screen)



0.48.1, January 12, 2017

Today's point release contains a couple immediate bug fixes as well as a big cleanup on game balance settings.

Note: Very aware of the issue where MMR is not being awarded correctly after some Matchmaking games, we are looking in to this.

Generic Fixes

  • Fixed crash bug on launch when using Steam Client Beta
  • Added option to hide MM servers from server browser
  • Added option to hide locked server from server browser
  • CTF is now 4v4
  • Fixed timelimit on doubles to be 10/15mins (casual/competitive)
  • Massive gameplay cleanup, experimental/casual/competitive now have consistent knockback/damages etc

Ironguard fixes

  • YA pipes now angled to jump up
  • +5h pickups in duct no longer floating
  • Fixed collision near mega floor
  • Fixed collision in doorframe at carnage


We've done a big cleanup pass on game balance. Competitive/Casual are the core rulesets we have as they are the rulesets used on matchmaking. All experimental settings (with slightly modification) have been pulled into casual/competitive (see full list below). There are a lot of changes including splash, timelimits, weapon respawns and weapon damage / knockback.

Splash knockback

We've pulled our recent splash changes from experimental into competitive/casual. The differences you'll see in competitive/casual (from before) are: The splash should now be more linear based on distance from impact. The knock-up is also fixed.

Matchmaking changes

  • CTF is now 4v4
  • Doubles now correctly uses 2v2 gamemode (will have lower timelimit)

Time limits

  • mode: casual / competitive
  • ffa: 5 / 10
  • 1v1: 5 / 10
  • 2v2: 10 / 15
  • tdm: 10 / 20
  • ctf: 10/ 20

Power-up drop

  • OFF in 2v2 + TDM only

Weapon respawn time

  • 20 seconds in competitive 2v2/TDM (was 25 in competitive, 20 in experimental), 10 seconds in all other modes.

Armor & mega pickup sounds

We've increased the distance armor & mega sounds can be heard from 1340 -> 2200 units.


  • burstgun_ammopickupammo 5 (was 10 in competitive)
  • burstgun_lowammo 5 (was 10 in competitive)
  • burstgun_maxammo 30 (was 40 in competitive)
  • burstgun_startammo 20 (was 40 in competitive)


  • shotgun_reload 950 (was 1000 in competitive)
  • shotgun_ammopickupammo 5 (was 10 in competitive)
  • shotgun_pellet_knockmult 1.6 (was 2 in competitive)
  • shotgun_pellet_knockmult_airbourne 1.4 (was 1.25 in competitive)
  • shotgun_pellet_trace_radius_entities 0.5 (was 0 in competitive)


  • grenade_trace_radius_world 1.0 (was 0.5 in competitive, 0 in experimental)
  • grenade_trace_radius_entities 0.25 (was 0.5 in competitive, was 0 in experimental)


  • plasmarifle_lowammo 30 (was 40 in competitive)
  • plasmarifle_maxammo 120 (was 200 in competitive, 150 in experimental)
  • plasmarifle_weaponpickupammo 75 (was 60 in competitive, was 75 in experimental)
  • plasmarifle_ammopickupammo 30 (was 50 in competitive)
  • cell_knockmult 0.85 (was 0.428 in competitive, 0.425 in experimental)
  • cell_knockmult_self 2.0 (was 2.22 in competitive, 2.0 in experimental)
  • cell_knockmult_airbourne 1.0 (was 2.14 in competitive, 1.0 in experimental)

Rocket Launcher

  • rocketlauncher_maxammo 25 (was 30 in competitive)
  • rocket_damage_splashmult 0.85 (was 1.0 in competitive, 0.85 in experimental)

(this means a direct rocket does 100 damage, if you JUST miss the max splash damage you can do is 85)

  • rocket_explosion_radius 116 (was 112 in competitive, 112 in experimental)
  • rocket_knockmult 0.85 (was 1.0 in competitive, 1.0 in experimental)
  • rocket_knockmult_airbourne 1.0 (was 1.5 in competitive, 1 in experimental)
  • rocket_trace_radius_world 0.25 (was 0 in competitive, 1 in experimental)
  • rocket_trace_radius_entities 1 (was 0 in competitive, 1 in experimental)

Ion Cannon

  • hum is now enabled (was off in competitive, on in experimental)
  • hum far atten changed from 1340 -> 1250 (travels less distance)
  • hum 3d volume changed from .7 -> .6
  • hum 2d volume changed from .7 -> .2
  • beam_knockmult 1.4 (was 1.8 in competitive, 1.7 in experimental)
  • beam_knockmult_airbourne 1.6 (was 1.3 in competitive, 1.7 in experimental)
  • beam_trace_radius_entities 0.5 (was 0 in competitive, 0.5 in experimental)
  • ioncannon_reload 46 (was 44 in competitive, 46 in experimental)
  • ioncannon_lowammo 30 (was 60 in competitive)
  • ioncannon_maxammo 150 (was 200 in competitive)

Bolt Rifle

  • bolt far atten changed from 1340 -> 1250 (travels less distance)
  • bolt 3d volume changed from .8 -> .6
  • bolt 2d volume changed from .8 -> .2
  • boltrifle_weaponpickupammo 5 (was 10 in competitive)

As always, open to _constructive_ feedback. Let's be nice to each other lads :) <3

Have a great weekend!



0.48.2, January 13, 2017

Quick hotfix to fix some 2v2 issues that came up

Bug fixes

  • Added mode2v2 to EntityPlayerSpawn
  • 2v2 can now be played on mutator arena
  • Fixed scoring issue in 2v2

0.48.3, January 22, 2017

Hey guys,

Today we have a hot fix to address the Steam Inventory changes which have happened in the Steam Client. It's causing people to get disconnected when they attempt to join a server with a large selection of custom inventory items selected.

Bug fixes

  • Upgraded to Steam API 1.39
  • Changed how proof of inventory was sent to server to reduce packet size.


- Shooter