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0.47.0, October 27, 2016

The hype train has finally pulled up at the station. Now we can finally curl up into a fetal position for an hour until we need to start work on 47.1



We've implemented mutators which add a bit of fun to the game for more casual players. We've also retired the old arena game modes and pulled across arena mode as a mutator.

Addon support

We've implemented addon support which allows you to share your widgets and game mods over the workshop. There's a lot of cool widgets out there that people have made, making it easier to get and keep them up to date should really allow people to use them more.

Addon supports asset overriding, so you can bundle custom jump sounds etc in addons too!

For an example on how to create your own addon, check out this post:

[to create your own addon]

Widget and client side modifications

The custom widgets are a great feature for Reflex, but they also allow you to really assist yourself in game. What exactly to allow/dissallow is not an easy thing to decide. For example I think everyone would agree there isn't much gain with custom jump sounds (depends how elitist we go i guess), while I think everyone would agree having a custom armor pickup sound of 25 seconds definately crosses the line.

So what we have done is provided servers with a list of the custom modifications each client has. This isn't easily visible and is only really going to be used by cheat detection people organising competitions. The intent is that some competitions may allow some mods, while others won't.

Experimental Plus

So we've had an experimental ruleset for a few patches now. We work with a small group of advanced players which take part in assisting us in determining which way to adjust the ruleset. It's been brought up that the turn around time for this process is too slow. So what we're doing is providing a new "Experimental_Plus" ruleset to this group which allows them to tweak gameplay on their own build. We're keeping this to just them for now because the goal isn't to have crazy mod servers out there, but to have intellegent subtle tweaks made to improve the gameplay. With the ultimate goal that we can more quickly finesse the gameplay.

I wanted to make this known so people know about it, and also because you guys are all able to connect to these servers and see what they have been doing. I believe the up-coming League will be using this ruleset, for more perhaps talk to @Qualx


  • Implemented sv_startmutators, callvote mutators
  • Implemented sv_allowcallvotemutators so server admins can deny clients changing mutators
  • added sv_allowcallvotemutators and sv_startmutators to dedicatedserver_default.cfg (with comment)
  • Implemented vampire mutator: removes all health pickups, non-self pre-armor damage awards health based off gconst_mutator_vampire_health_for_1damage
  • Implemented instagib mutator: no pickups, one shot kills, bolt + melee awarded on spawn, unlimited ammo
  • Implemented melee only mutator: no weapon/ammo pickups, melee only,
  • Implemented handicap mutator: gives extra health/armor to trailing player, added on TOP of spawned health (i.e. stacks with warmup mutator), clamped at 200/200
  • Implemented warmup mutator: always awards warmup values of gconst_player_spawn_health_warmup / gconst_player_spawn_armor_warmup + all weapons on spawn
  • Implemented mutator: big head modee - on gibs, on ragdolls, on players
  • Implemented mutator: low gravity - half world, grenade, stake gravity
  • Migrated arena game modes to mutator system
  • Added mutator icons to scoreboard


  • Implemented addon backend
  • Watches filesystem for change in base/addons folder and reparses disk on notification (rather than only polling disk on install/uninstall) - this allows people to drag new addons in while reflex is running, and reflex sees it.
  • Triggers steam-requery after assets on disk change
  • Added "New assets found, restart required" message
  • Added quick grouping of widgets into addons in widget list on UI (like a treeview but always expanded), hopefully will help organise addons


  • Increased steam VAC timeout max retry count from 10 to 1000
  • Added patch for old protocol versions loaded in .replay files to update gamemode indices so things are nicely in order again (now that arena gamemodes are gone)
  • Weapon restrictor now uses desired weapon selection rather than reading from player state. (this fixes issue where it would pop down & back up, this also fixes selection where it wasn't correctly picking the best desired weapon on spawn - specifically it occured in instagib)
  • Physx gravity now matched to world gravity
  • Exposed addon table to lua
  • Asset (re)loader now caches state of failed assets / queried assets. So if an asset goes missing the game doesn't drop to ~5fps polling all 3000+ assets while it tries to load the missing one
  • Fixed crash bug which would occur if steam API was not initialised
  • re_setentityproperty should now work on large string properties also
  • Secret surprise dev


  • Fixed download % on addon dialog to correctly scale 0->100 (isntead of 0->1)
  • Save & restore menu status on luastate reload (caused when any lua file uploads)
  • Added staff pick filters on AddonPicker.lua & MatchPicker.lua
  • Renamed Sort By -> Filter By on AddonPicker.lua & MatchPicker.lua
  • Provided addonName field on widget to lua


  • Added new bolt rifle model + effects
  • Added new plasma gun + effects
  • Added new melee: cleaver
  • Added new melee: baseball bat
  • Added new melee: supporter khopesh
  • Added new head: juggs
  • Added new head: hostile hoodie
  • Fixed shotgun crouch anims (aim + attack)


  • Burstgun exp integrated into main game
  • Shotgun exp integrated into main game
  • Grenades exp integrated into main game
  • Bolt rifle ammo exp integrated into main game


  • Grenades now point trace (no collision radius)
  • Plasma ammo changes: low = 40, max = 150, weapon pickup = 75, ammo pickup = 50
  • Plasma kb now 0.425
  • Rocket splash radius now 112
  • Ioncannon: kb now 1.7, damage = 6, reload = 46ms (= total 130dps)
  • Ioncannon ammo changes: ammo pickup = 50

Let the whinge for 48 wen begin \o/

0.47.1, November 2, 2016

Hey Lads,

We've had some great feedback from the experimental plus play and are taking feedback on-board. Firstly we've added a 'bullet' hitbox capsule which is to address the extreme popups people are experiencing with rocket combat. We've discussed this on and off several times in the past and it's beyond due for a test play :)

471 hitbox bullet.png

Secondly we've changed the rocket launcher to give at most 85 splash damage (in experimental), the idea is that direct rockets should be more rewarding.

Finally we'll be addressing the primary sound engine concern which seems to come down to hearing (or not hearing) the armor pickups. We've exposed the distances they are heard from so they can be tweaked and a good value can be found (too short and you don't hear them at all, too far and you'll hear mega in alpha base being picked up from zeta base..).

We've fixed a couple of bugs too, there are still quite a few things to do for 47 (one of which is an improved server browser), this is just the first point release! :)

Generic improvements:

  • Added 'bullet' collision hitbox to players to address pop-up issues. With the capsule you can land a rocket right underneath the player standing on the ground and have him knock up (towards!) you
  • Removed team damage in team games with arena mutator


  • Fixed stakelauncher colours after new bolt rifle weapon was introduced
  • Fixed issue where when you first install an addon it wouldn't be detected until a reflex.exe restart
  • Fixed issue where addon picker showed steamids instead of names
  • Removed "Local Changes" messages from addon UI as it wasn't being detected properly


  • Player hitbox uses new bullet shape
  • Max splash damage a rocket can now do is 85 (direct is still 100)

Experimental plus:

  • Added gconsts: gconst_armor50_faratten, gconst_armor100_faratten, gconst_armor150_faratten, gconst_mega_faratten, gconst_ioncannon_hum, gconst_boltrifle_hum, gconst_ioncannon_hum_faratten, gconst_boltrifle_hum_faratten
  • All the explus_gconst values are now synced server->client
  • Added gconsts: gconst_grenade_damage_splashmult, gconst_cell_damage_splashmult, gconst_rocket_damage_splashmult - these allow us to reduce splash damage effectively giving direct hits more damage
  • Added gconst: gconst_player_isbullet


0.47.2, November 3, 2016

Hi guys,

Another quick point release. This point release's main features includes the infamous wallclipping (which is enabled in experimenal ruleset). We're really wanting to hear feedback on this and whether people would like it to stay.

We've also been working with the experimental plus guys and adding a bunch of vars to assist with their experimental play.

edit: it's been pointed out that wallclipping is breaking head bumping, i'll fix this in .3 :) thanks!


  • added wallclipping, enabled in all experimental rulesets


  • explosed player.inventoryHead, player.inventoryLegs, player.inventoryArms, player.inventoryTorso variables

Experimental Plus:

  • Rockets, cells, pellets, bolt, grenades now all have separate trace vs world/entities. The idea is we can make hitting the player slightly easier/harder without having projectiles hit corners you wouldn't expect
  • Added gconsts gconst_burstgun_startammo, gconst_shotgun_pellet_trace_radius_world, gconst_shotgun_pellet_trace_radius_entities, gconst_grenade_trace_radius_world, gconst_grenade_trace_radius_entities, gconst_cell_trace_radius_world, gconst_cell_trace_radius_entities, gconst_rocket_trace_radius_world, gconst_rocket_trace_radius_entities, gconst_beam_trace_radius_entities, gconst_beam_trace_radius_world, gconst_bolt_trace_radius_entities, gconst_bolt_trace_radius_world

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug: IC turret didn't use to reload (just fired every frame! :))
  • Fixed bug: ChatLog.lua error when localplayer == nil (happened on connect)
  • Removed loadscreen tooltip
  • Updated loadscreen tooltip


0.47.3, November 7, 2016

Hi guys,

Getting towards the end of 47 point releases. This one adds extra info to the server browser, and sets the bullet hitbox & wallclipping to be used in all rulesets. There are also a few bug fixes.


  • Significantly increased level cap
  • Game no-longer loads .pak files inside addons, please don't use pak files in addons
  • Match Picker Dialog filter now defaults to "Staff Picks". Selected filter is saved to game.cfg
  • Player bullet hitbox is now in all rulesets
  • Wallclipping is now in all rulesets

Bug fixes:

  • 47.2 (accidentally) introduced client-side-predicted bolt impacts vs players, and it's not 100% accurate. Removing this, the player impact needs to be server verified.
  • Wallclipping now only effectx X+Z axis - this fixes head bumping
  • Fixed bug where replays from 47.1 would crash
  • Addon widgets that override standard widgets are now properly sorted into their addon group in the UI


  • Server now pushes rules to steam (timeLeft, ruleset, gameState)
  • Server browser: can now hide old protocol servers
  • Server browser: now see mutators in server list
  • Server browser: hover window now display server rules, player list + mutator list
  • re_seek_to will now block and finish loading up to the specified timecode (rather than just failing)
  • Added com_logclearonstart (allows you to append to log files when set to 0)

Experimental plus:

  • Exposed movement constants: gconst_jump_velocity, gconst_double_jump_velocity, gconst_playeronground_speed, gconst_playeronground_acceleration, gconst_playeronground_friction, gconst_playerinair_aircontrol, gconst_playerinair_bunny_accelerate, gconst_playerinair_bunny_wishspeed, gconst_playerinair_acceleration, gconst_playerinair_decceleration, gconst_world_gravity, gconst_playerongroundcrouched_speed, gconst_playerinaircrouched_acceleration


0.47.4, November 8, 2016

Quick point release to fix a last minute wall clipping issue!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where jumping onto ramp would launch you into outer space :)


  • Smooth normals pass on melees: hatchet, afps hatchet, supporter hatchet


0.47.5, November 9, 2016

Another quick point release, about time to start on 48! :)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where shotgun shots fired wasn't recording properly
  • Fixed bug where melee attached on back received decals from explosions
  • Fixed: hatchet melee's attachment bone orientation