Reflex Changelog 0.44.x

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0.44.1, June 2, 2016 - Awards!

New Supporter Weapons:

  • As voted by the public, we have released two new supporter Melees: Short Sword and Mjolnir

Added Awards:

  • We've added 44 awards which are awarded for doing various cool things in game.
  • There's an award screen which you can use to see what they are and which one's you've received.

Added XP system:

  • XP is earned by receiving awards. XP is a fun stat which gives you progression for playing Reflex, and allows you to see how long your opponents have played Reflex too. We'd like to attach XP to player drops further down the line.

Added Steam Stats Integration:

  • We've added some fun statistics to allow you to track your adventures through Reflex.

UI improvements:

  • Added KillFeed with lots of new unique death SVGs
  • Added SVGs for each custom melee weapon! You can see this in the weapon rack & the kill feed.
  • Added Profile Tile to main screen

Replay editor:

General Improvements:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed spawn issue which was favouring wrong spawn when NO valid spawns were found (really this only happened in test/empty maps)
  • Flags should now appear on pickup list in competitive mode


  • Added skeleton arm mesh - MAD_JIHAD request

Lua improvements:

  • Added Lua var player.weapon[].isAllowed which indicates if you're in a weapon restrictor
  • SVGs can now scale in Lua without a huge performance cost
  • SVGs can now be blurred (they are converted to single colour in the progress)
  • Exposed nvgLineHeight()
  • Added weaponDefinitions table so you don't need a player to get weapon name & colours
  • Added global steamId of local player
  • Large avatar of local player is now available

Gameplay (changes pulled from experimental to core):

  • Ramp fix
  • Melee trace range 64 -> 80 units
  • Melee trace radius 8 -> 12 units
  • Rocket explosion radius 96 -> 112 units
  • Spawn LOS check angle 120 -> 360 degrees
  • Spawn LOS distance 768 -> 1000 units

Gameplay changes:

  • Casual TDM is reduced from 15 to 10 minutes
  • Weapon respawn is now 25 seconds in competitive TDM mode

Experimental changes:

  • Plasma cell speed changed from 3000ups -> 1500ups
  • Plasma cell damage changed from 12 -> 15
  • Shotgun reload changed from 1000ms to 800ms
  • Flag drag, over 640 ups your speed will be limited with flag. After feedback here :)
  • Reverted previous IC changes, going to try something else in the future.

Let's Dance!

0.44.2, June 8, 2016


  • Score screen melee icon is now customized to your equipped melee
  • Added award count to award screen
  • Power-ups no longer drop in competitive TDM
  • Added mouse-over description for "effectiveness" in stats screen
  • Added XP Gained to scoreboard
  • Added low ammo widget
  • Remove ragequit stat
  • Apply XP & stats every minute on server instead of only end of game (should help issue where people are experiencing roll back)
  • Remove win/loss stats from race mode
  • Added tool tip for when workshop download is taking a while
  • Renamed sv_timelimit -> sv_timelimit_override to remove conflicts on old configs
  • Adjusted award notifier in spectator to not overlap other UI elements
  • Teleporter effect added to content browser
  • Added s_music_volume

Bug fixes:

  • Adjusted first person hand position on melees
  • Fixed bug where first/last played time showed 1970 if never played before
  • Minimum time between daily bonus is now 20 hours (down from 24 hours)
  • Fixed issue where gamestring.lua will error if reflexcore.lua isn't included first
  • Fixed issue where avatar in menu wouldn't load properly if not already in steam cache
  • GPU profiler is now fully disabled when r_profiler is set to 0, was causing stuttering issues on some hardware setups
  • Fixed mouse sensitivity change from version 44 -> 44.1 when using m_advanced_power <= 1


  • DP & point blank awards no longer triggers when shooting team mates.
  • Pineapple award is now correctly just a direct grenade (as opposed to a fatal direct grenade)
  • Comeback/tanked awards no longer trigger in race mode


  • Added weapon rate to lua weaponDefinitions
  • playerstate.buttons is now correctly client-side predicted
  • Lua player.position is now correctly provides the simulation position as opposed to raw net code position for remote clients