Reflex Changelog 0.43.x

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0.43.0, May 12, 2016 - No puns, I'm tired


  • Netcode optimisations to reduce traffic, this helps previous lag experienced in high player count matches.
  • (A lot of) CPU & memory load reductions. This helps with performance (and stability) of high player count matches.
  • App is now back to CLI
  • Now shows load % to give you an idea of performance.
  • Fixed issue where crash reporter was deadlocking


  • Added com_logfilename, can use to log console on client/server
  • Content browser now keeps selection on hide
  • You can now mouse-over a server in the server browser to get a player list of people in server
  • re_export export now correctly names images *.png (was previously writing *.tga despite them being pngs)
  • Renamed "Callvote: Match" -> "Change Map / Mode"
  • Dropped pickups now collide with PLAYER_CLIP
  • Added rulesets casual/competitive/experimental (sv_ruleset, sv_startruleset, callvote ruleset)

General bug fixes:

  • Adjusted range on FOV slider (was -200 -> 200 now 70 -> 170)
  • Fixed reflection probe issue where they occasionally broke across map change -- please rebuild your maps and upload to workshop!
  • Fixed issue where IC beam sustain sound wasn't correctly being positioned on 3rd person weapon
  • Fixed issue in ATDM where suicide damage was counting towards your points

Editor bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where sky fields were listed twice
  • Fixed a bunch of lua errors thrown when bogus values added to edit boxes
  • Restored "Apply Selection" UI button in EntityVolumeSelect

Experimental ruleset:

  • An experimental ruleset has been added to allow for rapid iteration & testing without impacting the core gameplay (i.e. tournaments).
  • When pre-jumping on angled ramp you'll now be effecting by ramp angle
  • Spawn system: increased spawn blocking angle check to 360 & distance to 1024
  • IC trace is now "fat" (it has volume, instead of being a point trace).
  • IC damage reduced to 5
  • Plasma cells now have volume
  • Slightly increased Melee range and radius.

Casual ruleset:

  • Added casual ruleset designed to just be loaded up and played. It's the default ruleset for Reflex.
  • Reduced 1v1 timelimit to 5 minutes and team game time limits to 15.

Competitive ruleset:

  • Added competitive ruleset designed for competition play
  • Item respawn times are not exposed to Lua
  • Timelimits are standard 10/20 mins.

Known issues:

  • Double kill bug still exists.
  • Double flag (!) flag is popping out when people don't die some times, seems releated to double kill bug.
  • Triple jumps are apparently are not working in experimental branch.
  • com_logfilename seems to not be writing everything correctly.

0.43.1, May 13, 2016

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed server browser player list preview
  • Fixed issue where com_logfilename was not working correctly
  • sv_startruleset now works as expected
  • Fix crash on editor redo operation
  • Removed microjitter on camera introduced after recent netcode optimisations

0.43.2, May 16, 2016

Bug fixes:

  • fixed bug with backwards reconciliation (causing double kills, flags to drop when not desired, all kinds of scary things!) - please update your servers!
  • fixed issue (introduced with optimisations in 43.0) where prefab entities were unnecessarily being sent over wire.
  • camera no-longer moves when dead (was introduced with 43.0 with optimisations)
  • sv_allowrulesets should now function as desired
  • race timelimit will now properly reset when changing rulesets
  • fixed clipping issue causing triple jumps to break in experimental mode.
  • restore ancient japan ambient sounds