Reflex Changelog 0.42.0

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0.42.0, April 18, 2016 - Blaze it

Major features:

  • Vastly improved sky system
  • New official CTF map: Skytemples by PromEUs


  • Increased sun intensity and updated bloom thresholds
  • Fixed crash bug caused by delaying registration of Lua widgets (was occurring with kovhud + dp2hud)
  • Fixed issue where local angles were sent during map change even though they were supposed to be zerod.
  • SMAA is now correctly performed in gamma space (meaning it actually does something now).
  • Added a bunch of new Ancient Japan themed meshes, all of which can be seen in the new Skytemples map.
  • Made pickup holograms slightly more saturated.

Notes for mappers

  • You will want to update your maps with new sky settings.
  • Any liquids in your maps will need their colors updated
  • Any glowing materials you used may need tweaking