Reflex Changelog 0.41.0

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0.41.0, April 5, 2016 - Boxes of bullets

Ammo system

  • Added ammo box pickups
    • Boxes generally give half the ammo of a weapon pickup
    • These can be placed by mappers the same as every other kind of pickup.
  • Changed behavior of dropped weapons
    • Players now recieve ammo for the dropped gun
    • Players also recieve 50% of the enemies ammo for all other weapon types

Changes + Improvements

  • Improved the performance of SMAA 1x (by about 90%)
  • Improved visuals and performance of HBAO+ (by about 5-10%)
  • Changed how pre-load hashes are calculated, which should fix some issues with some Workshop maps not correctly preloading.
  • Changed version of included MSVCP120.dll
  • Updated the look of the weapon list to make ammo count more obvious.

Updated maps

  • Fool's Choice
  • Use and Abuse
  • Fusion
  • Ashur
  • Monolith
  • Ruin
  • Static Discharge
  • The Catalyst

Server stuff

  • Removed sv_steamport
    • Steam queries now use the same port as the game (sv_gameport).
    • This should fix issues (that were totally not our fault for once) with connecting via steam:// links