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0.40.0, March 17, 2016 - Statistically insignificant


  • Fixed multiple reflection probes for shader quality 0
  • Added simplistic network compression & encryption, seeing a reduction of around 33% traffic (server->client only)
  • Changed default sv_steam_port from 25797 to 25788
  • Reduced jittering of all entities client-side
  • Reduced jittering when colliding with other players
  • Added comment support to config (.cfg) files
  • Connect command is now just <ip:port>
    • Use password <blah> in the console to supply a server password
    • This format is required for steam:// links
  • We now load player steam friends list, and their avatars
  • Allowed friend info for players you meet in a server (to get their avatar + steam info)

Dedicated servers

  • IMPORTANT: Our dedicated servers now require the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) to be installed.
  • Steam is supposed to install it automatically but that doesn't seem to work with SteamCMD.
  • We expect we'll end up including this in future releases but for now we don't.


  • All weapons again obey weapon offsets
  • Updated IC: revised mesh, updated beam and impact effects, additional animation and glow effects when firing, new sounds based on states
  • Fixed ioncannon beam clipping through ground visually in some instances in first person
  • Added player hands in first person
  • New first person weapon animation system
  • Shotgun, boltrifle, plasmarifle casings eject from their correct positions again
  • New first person melee animations


  • Optimisation pass on egyptian meshes
  • Optimisation pass on japan meshes


  • Blood decals are now larger and moister with smoother normals (helps look a bit thicker)
  • Gib decals have more velocity spread (more likely to go on walls)
  • CTF carried flag wisp toned down (might need another pass still)
  • Blood on melee weapons now correctly matches blood in the world.
  • Robot blood is now some kind of blueish coolant or something


  • Added in-game stats for weapons, powerups & generic player info (calculated server side)
  • We also now track top 5 race times (and distance / topspeed / avgspeed), and store these for each player too
  • Stats are all pushed to lua
  • Stats are currently only available during matches -- no fancy web API.


  • Implemented new scoreboard to showcase stats
  • Scoreboard is different per gamemode
  • Scoreboard is interactive
    • By default hold +showscores and rightclick to enable cursor.
    • You can click on another player to view more info about them, including adding them to friends / viewing their profile
    • You can re-bind the scoreboard cursor release in the options menu. Either with the showscorescursor command for a specific key, or showscorescursorhook which allows you to hook it in to an existing key "Jump" / "Attack".
  • You can now see player steam avatars on scoreboard
  • Tou can now see friend status / add player to friends list on scoreboard
  • Added flag for each player to the scoreboard, this is toggled with cl_country (cl_country default is pulled from steam)


  • Implemented /roll command (WoW style). To use, type roll 20 in console
  • Improved the feel of projectiles by pushing the projectile spawn position from 8 to 28 (and fixed all the bugs that usually would have caused).


  • Added ReflectionProbe entity. The old effect based reflection probes still work but are deprecated.
  • Added me_showclip
  • Added "Show Clip" to MapEditor.lua titlebar, which controls me_showclip


  • Players will no longer get stuck inside each other
    • Instead, they will have their collision disabled until it can be resolved.
    • Internally, this is now known as "Patrick Swayzeing"
  • Fixed bug where overlapping guns could prevent pickups. i.e. if player full on burst ammo, and burst gun overlapped RL, RL was blocked.
  • Steam defaults are now applied after config load (this was probably causing steam defaults to be stomped :|) note - they are only applied if cvar is at default value!
  • Clicking on ReflectionProbe no longer breaks it
  • Fixed issue where prefab names with a space in them weren't properly being parsed in on map load.
  • Fixed issue where end of game sound would sometimes play on connection
  • Right click friend->join game should now work

Known Issues

  • Players are Patrick Swayzeing more often than expected.
  • Again, our Dedicated Server currently requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) to be installed
  • Race times in scoreboard are not sorted properly
  • Race times do not reset properly

And finally...

Reflex 0.40.0 marks the first release using a new set of internal development tools. While developing, we often find ourselves going back to the Steam build to play random peasants and are immediately stuck by how much it sucks compared to the development version we've been using. With these new systems in place, we should be able to release smaller updates more often, instead of holding on to good features for 3 weeks waiting for other features to become shippable. We're not entirely sure what our release schedule will be like yet, but the take away for players is that you can expect to see features within a couple of days of them being ready.

0.40.1, March 23, 2016 - Point Release


  • Fixed issue where IC sound would get stuck on after firing
  • Race times now sort correctly in scoreboard
  • Fixed bogus second copy of stats.flagCaptured being sent over the network
  • Made cl_weapon_bob work again
  • Replaced broken delta score in race mode with -
  • Fixed issue with old replays not working due to a change in the .pak format
  • Left handed weapons work again
  • Enemy players stats are now correctly hidden during matches
  • Fixed connecting to a friends game through Steam (again).


  • Connecting to a passworded server is once again connect ip:port password since it's better and changing it didn't fix the Steam stuff anyway.
  • Players can now use % sign in chat
  • Updated "Ruin" and "Static Discharge" maps
  • Scoreboard now says "EFF" (for effectiveness) instead of accuracy.
  • Queued players are now colored by the team they're queued for.
  • Adjusted some of the first person weapon springs to make them less bouncy.
  • Fixed the blue flag base emitting red particles by removing the particles entirely.
  • First person weapon movement should now be properly framerate independent.
  • Added cl_weapon_kickback and cl_weapon_rotation for people who only want to turn off certain parts of the first person weapon movement -- cvar all the things!
  • Players in queue are now sorted by their queue position on scoreboard.
  • Spectators/editors/referees now have their country flags visible (and are sorted by name).
  • Added scrollbar to player list in scoreboard
  • Added skull and crossbones icon (for dead players)
  • You can now click editor and spectator names in the scoreboard (to add them to friends, etc).
  • Players now have Flag Carrier / Powerup Carrier / Mega / Dead icons on scoreboard
  • Added comments to dedicatedserver_default.cfg


  • Added MSVCP120.dll to the dedicated server files (so you should no longer need to install it yourself).