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0.39.0, Feburary 10, 2016 - Arbitrary Gibberish


  • You can now grab maps directly from the workshop when starting a server or callvoting a new map via the in-game menu.
  • Added new console commands: wmap <id> and wmatch <id> <mode> for voting workshop maps
  • Maps can now be published to Workshop directly from our map editor via the "Publish" button in the top toolbar.
  • You can also rate, favourite and subscribe to maps during the end game screen.


  • Spawn system overhaul
    • Fixed broken biasing giving wrong spawns
    • You can no-longer spawn at same spawn as last time (10 second timeout)
    • Added line-of-sight check
      • LOS checks can favor/block potential spawns depending if person viewing it is friend/foe. In team games it's modified by number of people viewing spawn. i.e. 2/4 team mates looking at a spawn, will increase the change you can spawn there by 50% of the existing chance. Existing chance is based off normal distance biasing.
    • Added fall-back in team/FFA games where all spawns are not available. It will allow any spawns except ones assigned to other team (ctf) or if a team mate is standing on it.
    • Added initialSpawn property to player spawns -- these will be used for the first spawns of the game (provided there are enough available).
  • Burstgun now fires 6 shots, at staggered offsets, and do 7 damage per pellet


  • Removed modes a1v1, atdm, affa from worldspawn -- these are now just attached to 1v1, tdm, ffa, respectively
  • Added weaponclip magic material -- blocks shots but not players.
  • Game won't end due to few players if there's a player in editor mode. (i.e. you can solo edit race maps while game is in progress now)
  • Added me_createtype workshopscreenshot -- saves out high quality screenshots on publish so you can quickly update additional screenshots via the Workshop website


  • Screenshot/screenshotWithDepth now save to PNG format
  • Added support to auto-convert old netcode revisions to live version AKA "we can load old replays (from now on)"
  • Improved connection/mapchange handshake-- maps can now be pre-loaded if client can source the same map. (from either disk or workshop)
  • Improved load screen, no-longer triggered just on gamestate download. also displays client/server workshop download percentage.
  • Added hands in 1st person (only partially visible on burst gun so far, WIP)
  • Scoreboard will now list people queued for teams under the correct team. spectators / editors are still always on the left under team ALPHA.
  • Added ready up text
  • Implemented fog system
  • Added end of game camera wobble & sound
  • Added game finished flag to replay file. (only flagged if gamestate is gameOver on save)
  • Replay recording are now correctly saved & stopped on map / mode change.
  • You can now see yourself in the end-game screen.
  • Replays created from workshop maps are now prefixed with TITLE instead of mapname (5939432432)
  • Removed r_ssao & our SSAO implementation (we still have r_hbao)
  • Renamed "SSAO" in options menu "HBAO+"


  • Fixed replay editor toggle bind in UI (wasn't hooked up properly)
  • Fixed incorrect material assignment - brick_gothic_wall_cnr
  • Fixed AmmoCount.lua from stomping lua weapon colour (so it appeared white)
  • com_maxfps limited to [10->inf) or 0. quick fix this prevents issues caused when playing < 4fps
  • Fixed subframe bug where mousewheel events would be triggered when console was visible
  • Fixed issue where clicking JOIN ZETA button wouldn't work (as it was performing two cvars on same frame, and correct data wasn't being sent to server)
  • Fixed issue where cl_playercolor* would stomp some player state flags when it shouldn't. (such as changing team index to 0)
  • Replay file names are now purged before saving to disk (previously bogus character names in players were preventing files from being created)
  • Fixed script bug where "FRAGGED" would be displayed when you're queue'd to play.
  • Binds are no-longer passed to game now when in the menu. (this fixed weapon being changeable in menu + also editor working in menu)
  • Disabled crosshair in end of game screen
  • Fixed spawn biasing to actually work properly (see more info in the "Gameplay" section)
  • Callvote dialog no-longer hides & re-appears when die.
  • Start server button (in menu) now performs "disconnect" first, ensuring it's a true server restart, and not just a map change.


  • Removed some redundant/old textures to free up some VRAM
  • Updated hostile (has new normals, improved lods)
  • Updated ivy textures: simplified albedo look a bit and halved res (1.7mb on disk to 440kb on disk)
  • Updated pipes to have smooth normals


  • Updated PRDM3/Ruin - bolt platform lowered, new blue tele by the mh/yellow armor
  • Maps shipped with Reflex have now been renamed to their proper titles (such as instead of arbitrary gibberish
  • Transitioned a heap of previously included maps to workshop


  • Renamed sv_public to sv_steam to avoid near-constant confusion
  • Implemented sv_allowmodes -- server will prevent changes to anything NOT in that list. If list is empty, all modes are allowed.


  • New Burstgun mesh (still a work in progress)
  • Industrial mesh set optimisation pass
  • Optimised effects: environment steam
  • Optimised effects: lots weapon trails and impacts
  • Optimised effects: pickup smoke
  • Ivy leafs now all support albedo overrides
  • Ivy performance increase


  • Added Lua variables: serverConnectedToSteam, player.inventoryMelee, world.mapWorkshopId, timeLimit, timeLimitRound
  • Added Lua function: meGetPrefabList()
  • Exposed camera position to lua
  • Fixed bug where data saved by widget:saveUserData() wasn't saving correctly if called in widget:finalize()
  • Fixed issue where widget cvars were not saving correctly to .cfg
  • Exposed vote information to lua
  • Callvote popup implemented in lua -- we get pretty pictures now :)
  • Fixed bug in WeaponRack.lua where it was stomping weapon colour to white
  • Fixed issue where right & middle mouse were flipped for lua mouse regions.


  • Removed laughably out of date readme.htm
  • Added match <mapname> <mode> command to save doing two separate votes
  • Implemented screenshotClean - generates high quality constant FOV screenshot. Can specify custom resolution here (and take 8k screenshots etc :))

0.39.1, February 15, 2015


  • Added r_fog + added fog option to UI
    • Mappers should not use the fog as anything more than a distant haze now (because otherwise this is functionally a cheat cvar).
    • Mappers should still set your fog to reasonable levels, regardless of your personal preferences. Salty people can disable it without you forcing no-fog on the people who find it genuinely better for perceiving depth. "This is why we can't have nice things."
  • Adjusted default fog constants
  • Splash damage no-longer goes through weapon clip
  • sv_startmap now defaults to Fusion (instead of bdm3)
  • Improved popup next to "Steam Integration" in menu


  • Fixed Search in MatchPicher.lua not display correct results.
  • Fixed dedicatedserver_default.cfg to actually start a map (it defaulted to a broken rotation)
  • Fixed crash occurring on server
  • Fixed issue where crash would occur on launch with r_hbao 1 on DX10.0 card
  • Fixed issue where sv_startwmap wasn't working on servers (as server would try do download map before steam connection was finished)
  • Fixed issue where MatchPicker.lua cancel button was incorrectly disabled

0.39.2, February 15, 2015


  • Fixed crash bug which occurred when trying to spawn on a map with no spawn points. (was introduced in .39.0 with new spawn system) - ty Draqu!
  • Added some additional checks when failing to load the pak files (one person had a crash on load due to an edge case)
  • Enemy stats are no longer hidden from Lua in Race modes.

0.39.3, February 25, 2015


  • Rotation files now support workshop maps (via their id)
  • Updated the default server rotation
  • Updated default dedicated server config


  • Huge optimization pass on gothic meshes (half a million less verts for your GPU to choke on)