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0.37.0, October 23, 2015 - Mostly Eggplant


  • Early ancient Japan theme: bridge, shoji doors, candles, lanterns, crates, roof tiles, boulders, windows
  • Early vegetation: Monkey tufts, underwater_grass, seaweed_01, grass_monkey_01
  • Added LODs for many (many) meshes throughout the game!
  • Carnage pickup updated
  • Carnage player effect updated
  • Updated melee weapon (more to come :))
  • Added weapon decal assets
  • Added effects: bubbles, drill effect,


  • Added EntityVolumeSelect (can use to create persistent selections, select VolumeSelect, click select)
  • Added 2d box select (hold control & click n drag)
  • Added light overrides to effects, so it's now easier to make lighting fit correctly in custom maps.
  • Added team materials -- these are magic materials that change colour with the team colours.
  • Added "teamIndex" to pointlight & spotlight overrides. this allows you to colour a light by team colour.
  • Added me_listprefabs to show list of prefabs in the current map
  • Added me_purgeprefabs to remove un-used prefabs (client side only, can only do 5 at a time, bit rough but it works)

Player visibility

  • Added hero lighting to assist player visibility
  • Map creators can specify team colours in the worldspawn entity for their map
  • Clients can also override player colours locally
  • Console commands are:
    • cl_team_colors_relative
    • cl_team_colors_overridden
    • cl_team_color_a
    • cl_team_color_b
    • cl_team_color_enemy
    • cl_team_color_friend

Or better yet, just use the options menu


  • Added Capture The Flag mode (OMG HYPE!!1)
  • Removed outlines for various technical and gameplay reasons.
  • Added capsule hitbox for hit detection
  • Added silhouettes (r_silhouette) -- wallhack for friendly players/flag carriers/gibs/etc.
  • Increased player size to 72 units high / 36 wide for various artistic and gameplay reasons
  • Removed "downloading gamestate" console spam when connecting
  • Increased bolt range from 4096 -> 16384
  • Added "callvote shuffle" command
  • Added bind re mutator (for replay editor), added default replay binds to game_default.cfg
  • Added error to server browser when we fail to connect to steam (rather than just seeing 0 servers)
  • Quad damage sound now only triggers on initial fire for IC (too late to save Fleabittens eardrums)


  • Added map CTF-Monolith by promeus & friends
  • Added DM-Ashur promeus & friends
  • Update thct7 from Tehace
  • Updated f14p1 from F14m3z

Bug fixes

  • Flag/quad/mega/resist now dropped if you switch out of player mode (into spec/editor)
  • s_volume now correctly applied as sound system is initialised (rather than a few frames later)
  • Prefabs now correctly appear in replays
  • Plasma effect now reduces correctly on LOW effect setting
  • Powerups spawn now delayed at start of match
  • Fixed math bug where we weren't detecting camera was inside a scaled spotlight correctly (causing flickering)
  • Fixed bug where replays with > 8 players didn't playback properly
  • Fixed lua error in OptionsMenu.lua when adding bogus fields to widget positions
  • Local player weapon fire sounds are now properly attached (no-longer lag behind player)


  • Added NVIDIA cloth
  • Added symbol to flag reflex.exe as a 3d intensive app on AMD mobile cards
  • Added software occlusion
  • Particle systems now sleep when occluded/notvisible
  • Tweaked static batching to better support large maps
  • Improved profilers, see cl_show_profiler 1/2/3, r_profiler 1/2, cl_show_traffic, cl_show_lagmeter
  • Added r_fullscreen_forcestretch for $aboo


  • Added extra lua flags to death message: "deathTargetHadFlag", "deathTargetHadQuad", "deathTargetHadResist", "deathTargetHadMega"
  • Added CTF events
  • Added lua variable connectedToSteam

Known Bugs

  • Cloth occasionally vanishes -- just treat it as "Capture The Pole" until it comes back.
  • This is a huge release so expect this list to grow. Please send all crash reports!
  • Getting a few crash reports in the new occlusion engine. (fixed in 37.1 update)

Server Admin Notes:

  • Expect an increased server load with 8-10 players on fully detailed Capture The Flag maps. RAM can jump from 30MB to 110MB and it's possible to be sending 30kb/sec per client.
  • This will be optimised in the future but for now, keep an eye on your server loads.
  • We are currently investigating a crash bug with the dedicated server software -- please send any crash reports.

0.37.1, October 23, 2015


  • Non-team games will now use teamA for player colours (or enemy if relative override set)
  • Updated DP5 by Def

Bug fixes

  • Added scalar fallback for occlusion engine, required for CPUs that don't support SSE4.1
  • Players should no-longer be saved into light light shadow maps


  • Flagged crashreport to auto restart the app on crash on dedicated servers

0.37.2, October 24, 2015

Tiny but important update

  • Fixed crash on server map change if a player was holding flag/quad/resist
  • Revved netcode version to force server admins to update -- this is a critical update for server admins.
  • Added map CTF_Sabflags

0.37.3, November 7, 2015 - Cake & Murder

Birthday event!

We decided to add a bunch of stupid stuff (including effect changes to rockets, grenades and gibs) to the game for the next few days to celebrate our first year on Early Access. Lets party! If Reflex is serious business to you, you can disable all the event customizations with cl_events 0


  • Next pass movement tweaks
  • Speed and control have been increased for A/D bunny hopping to give a similar feel to 0.36.
  • Gravity has been increased slightly to between 0.36 and 0.37.0 values to still give an increase in hangtime and readability while feeling less floaty for players.
  • Ground friction has been increased slightly to improve the feeling of responsiveness when on the ground.
  • Speed bonus for circle jumps and strafe jumps has been decreased by 5% as many tricks were getting far too easy and that eventually rolls-on to worse maps and longer combat ranges.

This tweak slightly changes the optimum angle for strafe jumps so you may lose some speed until your technique adjusts.


  • Added ctf-monolith-birthday variant
  • Added dm-ashur-birthday variant
  • Added thct2style
  • Added xy2
  • Updated thcdm13
  • Minor fixes for ctf-monolith


  • Servers can now be passworded with sv_password.
  • Players will be unable to connect unless they know the password.
  • Servers can now set a referee password with sv_refpassword.
  • Players who know the referee password may become a referee, causing all their votes to instantly pass.

To connect to a passworded server, use "connect <ip:port> <password>" or use the password dialog in the server browser.


  • Fixed incorrect velocity for gibs.

User Interface

  • The font colour for delta score box is now switched between light/dark (based on adaptive luminance of background colour)
  • Added an icon to show when a server requires a password


  • Glass cubemap reflection support
  • Added frosted glass material


  • Added cl_camera_player <index> to instantly switch to spectating that player.
  • Added referee mode: referee <password>, unreferee cvars