Reflex Changelog 0.36.x

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  • Content browser for effects/meshes/materials
  • Entirely Lua powered now, so get customizing.
  • All meshes & brushes can now have their material type and colour overridden
  • Meshes can now be uniformly scaled up and down.
  • Prefab system (EntityPrefab, me_createprefab, me_breakprefab, me_updateprefab, me_destroyprefab -- full docs soon)

Minor improvements:

  • Increased UI mouse scroll speed
  • me_snapangle is now a float
  • Pickup positions now always exposed in replay
  • Changed respawn & teleporter sounds -- many more will be coming with our updated sound engine.
  • Added industrial ambient sounds
  • Removed a heap of profiling sections so cl_show_profiler 1 is no-longer useless
  • Added r_profiler 2
  • CPU & Memory optimisations for servers
  • Added weapon land impulse
  • Added weapon bob (see cl_weapon_bob)
  • Added ultra quality settings


  • Added static batching
  • Removed lightmapping (we're now 100% probe-lit)
    • .probe files are now redundant -- all baked lighting is saved into .light
    • Can now load un-matching .light files (no more lightmap stomping the second you change anything)
  • Added support for multiple reflection probes (requires DX10.1+)
  • Added SMAA x1
  • Added quality levels for FXAA
  • Implemented NVIDIA ShadowWorks HBAO+
  • Implemented LOD system

Bug fixes

  • Restored UV rotation commands
  • me_getmaterial now works again when no faces are selected.
  • Weapons no-longer rotate around crazy when building lights, much to newborns dissapointment.
  • Fixed rotation on meshes when doing group rotations
  • Editors can no longer select/delete/created player, grenade, rocket, cell, burst, stake, temp, cameraPath, vote or damage entities. We kept that bug secret for ages!
  • Quad & resist effects no-longer seen on weapons on 3rd person players
  • Several server bugs fixed
  • Disabled stake launcher (for now)


  • Lua functions: nvgFillImagePattern(), nvgLineCap(), nvgLineJoin(), nvgMiterLimit(), nvgGlobalAlpha(), nvgTextLetterSpacing()
  • Lua vars: providing selected entity properties, providing selected brush properties
  • me_activematerial and me_createtype are now vars not commands (they'll be saved to config / are query-able from lua)
  • Added me_setentityproperty
  • Added me_activealbedo and hooked it up to UI


  • Added industrial theme. It's only a single bullet point, but it includes about a hundred assets and will include more over time.
  • Added first-pass weapon art -- still some polishing to do.
  • Revised carnage effect
  • Updated hostile to match the new art style.
  • Optimised some effects
  • Fully themed BDM3