Reflex Changelog 0.35.x

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  • Reduced air knockback on shotgun from 2 to 1.25
  • Increased plasma gun splash distance (mostly for plasma climbing)
  • Increased rocket splash radius from 80 to 96
  • Tweaked rocket self knockback to return rocket jumps to previous behaviour
  • Reduced IC damage but increased the rate it fires -- overall damage per second is slightly lower
  • Players now have a 0% chance to respawn nearest to where they died (still needs work)
  • Tweaked the way plasma gun self knockback is applied for much improved plasma climbing.


  • Added r_desktop_composition cvar (defaults to 1)
  • Fixed error dialogue when direct3d device fails to create
  • Significantly reduced network traffic when editing maps


  • Added support for multiple selection (control click)
  • Added support for moving / cloning / texturing / rotating multiple brushes
  • Added me_snapangle.
  • Added me_rotate_dec / me_rotate_inc to allow rotation of selection (numpad +/-)
  • Added support for rotating selections (both brushes and entities)
  • Meshes: Added ivy and rubble
  • Updated maps: dp4, dp5, f14p1, tephra, cpm21

Note: Lightmaps built in previous versions of Reflex will need to be rebuilt.