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Reflex Changelog 0.34.x - Reflex goes Alpha!

Reflex 0.34 is now live, featuring racing, sun, suicide and the usual slew of bugfixes and tweaks! But more importantly, it also brings the last pieces of our core tech into the game, marking our transition from pre-alpha to alpha! To celebrate, not only have we released a new development update video, we've decided to go 50% off for the next week.

0.34.0, May 14th 2015


  • Added Race gamemode (callvote mode race)
  • Added "suicide" command.
  • Added sunlight (can be toggled on/off with the r_sun command or through the options menu).
  • The menu replay has returned!

Map Editing

  • Added me_createtype RaceStart / RaceFinish (only visible in race mode)
  • Added me_createtype WeaponRestrictor (only allows certain weapons to be used).
  • Added time of day sky with sun/moon, can be configured in EntityWorldSpawn.
  • Lightmaps should be rebuilt for the new sky/sun system.

Lua Scripting

  • Added race events to lua log.
  • Added RaceMessages.lua - displays race start / finish fullscreen notifications.
  • Added RaceRecords.lua - displays list of previous records on left of screen, similar to weapon rack.
  • Added RaceTimer.lua - displays current race time at bottom of screen.
  • AnglesDegress variable is now wrapped to the [0,360) range
  • Fixed low/max ammo reported to lua for stake launcher.
  • Added to lua to help distinguish each log entry
  • Exposed lua vars: player.raceActive, player.raceTimeCurrent, player.raceTimePrevious

Replay editor

  • Updated replay editor to work correctly with new netcode.
  • Fixed issue where player "viewing in first person" wasn't being correctly set on players in replay.
  • Added replay timecode on screen.
  • Improved re_export command to hides console when it starts.
  • Fixed camera tracking bugs in replay editor (wasn't reporting correct player to lua script).
  • Hit sounds (and effects), now correctly fire in replay editor.


  • Added materials: brick_small and concrete_01
  • Added material: wood planks
  • Added material: concrete_bunker_01
  • Added material: chainlink
  • Added meshes: railings
  • Added material: tiles
  • Added map thinktank


  • Fixed particle shader "green" artifacting.
  • Fixed bug where overlapping triggers caused some triggers to be ignored.
  • Fixed bug where effects were reading invalid data.
  • Increased far clip to 8192 (up from 4096)
  • Prevented some potential buffer corruption around paste operation.