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Reflex Changelog 0.33.x - Fancy UI stuff

After a month of late nights, it's finally time to release our new UI update to the world. Although its still a work in progress, HUD and menus have been dramatically improved and we're excited to see what the community comes up with using the new UI scripting system.

To gather all of these custom HUDs into one place, we've set up a new UI forum over at the forums: the UI Scripting where (if it ends up anything like our mapping scene) you'll soon be able to find a masses of info and custom widgets.

We've also started sneaking in a few bits of art that you can check out in the "envtank" map. Stay tuned for some new weapon concept art and more information about the direction we're going in!

This is definitely not the end of our 0.33 updates. In the upcoming point release, we'll be expanding the UI system further, making some changes to knockback and weapon balance and squashing a few bugs.

0.33.1, April 7th 2015


  • Added fullclip
  • Added envtank map to demonstrate current art usage examples.
  • Fixed slime functionality.


  • Added new Lua based UI system (which despite being a single bullet point, was a month of work).
  • Asset hotloading now included in public builds (for live-updating of HUD scripts).
  • Added SSAO via r_ssao.
  • Crash report now detect spinlocks & fires off a crashreport if it occurs (implemented on both dedicated server & clients).
  • Key \ is now bindable.
  • Fixed lightmapping bug on maps with multiple texture pages with r_shader_quality 2.
  • Fixed bug where probes were incorrectly not being calculated inside player clip.
  • Server now reports location to steam (in gametags), client decodes this and it's used to display flag on server browser.
  • bind command now has states, for example "bind game mouse1 +attack" "bind me mouse1 +editorprimary"
  • All configuration is now in game.cfg (no more editor.cfg).
  • Bind command now supports ; for multiple commands on one key.
  • Renamed game.cfg to game_default.cfg -- game.cfg is now created on first load if it doesn't exist.
  • Renamed dedicatedserver.cfg to dedicatedserver_default.cfg -- dedicatedserver.cfg is now created on first load if it doesn't exist.

Known Issues

  • If you've deleted your menu music, the game will crash on start. To fix, verify your game cache in Steam. Fixed in 0.33.1.
  • Armor timers occasionally wrong on connect. Correct time is shown once the item is taken.
  • UI can get stuck in a loop changing resolution / refresh rate from the menu. To fix, either close the options menu or adjust your resolution using console commands instead.

0.33.2, April 9th 2015


  • Updated UI scripts to respect cl_show_hud 0, i.e. turns off widgets.
  • Server browser now has a "join server" button (rather than joining on first click).
  • Options menu now has an apply button for resolution / window mode / refresh rate.
  • Hopefully fixed a collision routing bug causing client to freeze at 99% connected.
  • Added sorting by ping/map/mode/players to the server browser.
  • Added ui_reset command to restore the default UI config.
  • The saveconfig command now saves to game.cfg if no filename is given, regardless of any previous loadconfigs.
  • Added SVG versions of cl_crosshairs 6 to 16.
  • Scoreboard has been moved to the new UI system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where pressing delete in the console would start deleting command history too.
  • Fixed HUD being shown when freecam-spectating.
  • Fixed FRAGGED message being shown when spectating.
  • Fixed UI crash in options menu when cl_playercolorX was set to something invalid.
  • Fixed bug causing UI colours to occasionally be wrong.
  • Fixed bug with enemy health being incorrectly exposed/restricted to lua scripts.
  • Fixed bug with team selection from in-game menu.
  • Fixed game clock being off centre with default config.
  • Fixed crash for people who delete their menu music.

UI Scripting

  • Exposed more NanoVG functions to Lua: nvgTranslate, nvgRotate, nvgSkewX, nvgSkewY, nvgScale, nvgArc, nvgElipse.
  • Added Lua variables world.mapName and showScores.
  • Exposed Lua table library.
  • The Lua variable is now 1 or 2 (instead of 0 or 1).


  • Added sv_country command for dedicated servers. We try and automatically determine this, but it doesn't seem to be working for dedicated servers.


  • Added clock.
  • Added alarm.
  • Added cables.
  • Added new style downward spot.
  • Updated girder meshes to cast shadows.
  • Optimised grate_128x128x8 mesh.
  • Updated envtank with new assets.

Known Issues

  • Armor timers occasionally wrong on connect. Correct time is shown once the item is taken.