Reflex Changelog 0.32.x

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Reflex Changelog 0.32.x - Explosion proof walls

0.32.0, March 4th 2015


  • Splash damage now only penetrates through 9u of wall.
    • Wallbanging with rockets will sort of work (to be improved later).
    • Prevents "stair armour" bullshit.
  • Added new mega timing (respawns 30 seconds after carrier takes 100 damage, overhealth tickdown counts).
    • Implemented mega carrier & wear off effects.
    • Added "MEGA" on HUD when player has mega powerup.
  • Added overtime.
  • Countdown to play timer no-longer says "0 seconds".
  • Countdown now says FIGHT! / OVERTIME!
  • Added match start / match overtime sounds.
  • Fixed bug where particle emitters with relative particles had an incorrect AABB.


  • Fixed dedicated server spinlock bug when new client connects to server with banned players.
  • Server information now re-published to steam after loss of steam connection.
  • Updated server command list to contain "kick" and "remove" commands.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash bug when destroying effects (reported from crash reports).
  • Fixed issue where player colours were not working correctly (too dark, first colour was multiplied through everything).
  • Temporarily removed cl_input_subframe as it's causing input issues.
  • Fixed bug where carnage respawn sound is heard when game starts (despite carnage not being there).
  • Players (& team) should now lose point if player dies to world (eg lava).
  • Killing a team mate will now correctly reduce team score.
  • Carnage is now dropped on team change.
  • Carnage is now dropped on disconnect.

0.32.1, March 6th 2015

  • Fixed MegaHealth not spawning correctly when game starts.
  • Further tweaked movement values to bring speeds closer to 0.31 levels.
  • Mega carrier effect now scales with effect quality settings.
  • Network protocol updated.