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== Reflex Changelog 0.31.0 - Looks better, runs faster. ==
== Reflex Changelog 0.31.x - Looks better, runs faster. ==
=== 0.31.X, February 25th 2015 ===
=== 0.31.0, February 25th 2015 ===
This update is now available for testing. To grab it, right click Reflex in Steam, go to the "Betas" tab and select "test" from the dropdown box.
This update is now available for testing. To grab it, right click Reflex in Steam, go to the "Betas" tab and select "test" from the dropdown box.

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Reflex Changelog 0.31.x - Looks better, runs faster.

0.31.0, February 25th 2015

This update is now available for testing. To grab it, right click Reflex in Steam, go to the "Betas" tab and select "test" from the dropdown box.

For players, this update is primarily the first performance focused update. A huge part of this was our system for increasing scalability -- we now have very fine control over the quality of textures, effects, shaders, lighting, etc. From our profiling, players should see significant FPS gains compared to previous versions (even with higher detail visuals).

Under the hood, hundreds of hours of development has gone into our art pipeline. While we're not doing much with it at the moment, we're very excited about the power it gives us -- it makes customizing players and map textures extremely simple but extremely powerful. We're going to be doing some really cool stuff with this tech and we can't wait to show it off.

This update is compatible with existing 0.30.x servers so if you encounter any problems, simply revert back to the "main" version until we squash the bugs. Server admins should ideally update anyway but there's no need to run both main and test servers.


  • Re-wrote server front-end to use windows forms instead of raw console. This should actually reduce CPU loads.
  • Fixed a bug where the servers Steam information was being updated far more often than it needed to be. This fix should also reduce CPU loads.
  • When using "callvote map", the returned map list is broken into multiple lines so you can actually read it.
  • Cleaned up failed to connect messages on both server & client.
  • Fixed bug where clients could get stuck in lag state indefinitely on map change (always connecting).
  • Added sv_startmode command.
  • Added server commands "mode", "kick", "remove". This can be used from the server console instead of requiring a vote.
  • Added callvote "kick", callvote "remove".


  • Reduced required DirectX version to 10.0
  • Input is now sent to the server at 75fps (down from 125fps). This should lower the CPU load for dedicated servers with no noticeable impact for players (the server only ticks at 75fps anyway so the extra data was largely wasted).
  • Lightmap format has changed. We now store an extra colour for low end machines, instead of the expensive per-pixel lightmap information. Sorry mappers, this means you need to rebuild.
  • Ridiculous amounts of graphics optimisations (shadows, zprime, decals, gbuffer format, shader optimisation, normal blending). Players should see significant FPS increases across all video configs.
  • Created micro/macro texture architecture, giving us more detail, more customization and using less GPU.
  • Added Image-Based Lighting and removed previous broken reflection pipeline.
  • Added offline DXT1/DXT5/BC6/BC7 texture packer & compressor.
  • Added configs for different video modes. Until we've done our options menu, the easiest way to change video settings is to bring down the console, type loadconfig vid_X and then saveconfig to store the changes. Graphics presets are:
    • vid_high
    • vid_medium
    • vid_low
    • vid_hi_vis
  • Added lots of cvars to scale graphics for different hardware. Generally, 2 is highest quality, 0 is lowest quality.
  • Re-did every single material for the new macro/micro material system. Fun times.
  • Reduced the amount of maps we ship with (rebuilding and re-uploading all the lightmaps is tedious and our internet sucks).
  • Updated lava shader to something prettier.
  • Loading bar is now orange for no reason.

Known issues:

  • Player colours are broken (color0 seems to be multiplying through all colours).
  • Changing r_effect_quality while there are PhysX objects about = BOOM. Careful when switching video modes when there are explosions etc.
  • Reports of video driver crashes and occasional freezing of client/server. Consider this a general stability warning -- huge amounts of the engine have been rewritten and we're expecting some bugs.