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This build is currently available through the "test" branch in Steam and will be buggier than the current "main" branch. To switch between branches, right click Reflex in Steam and go to the "Betas" tab.

Changelog - [test branch] 0.29.x - Arena modes!

0.29.0, December 14th 2014

  • Added Arena modes
    • Players spawn with 100/150RA, all weapons and max ammo.
    • Arena modes are round based -- if you die, you're dead until the next round.
    • Arena modes use table-tennis style scoring -- you have to be over the scorelimit and leading by 2 points to win.
    • A1v1 - 2 players per round, round robin.
    • AFFA - 2-10 players per round, no teams, last man standing.
    • ATDM - 2-10 players, 2 teams, last team standing.
    • Added whole lot of HUD stuff to show current round/end of round/who won/draw etc
  • Added Point-of-View spectating
  • Added player queue for 1v1 modes.
  • *.cfg files shouldn't be overwritten each update any more
    • Players will either have to add any new binds themselves or delete their configs and re-verify their game cache.
  • Included new community maps
  • Added the ability to paste text to console & chat.
  • Mode is now maintained if a new map is voted in
  • Powerups now spawn 15-30 seconds into game (rather than 45)
  • Fixed problem with partial console command firing full console commands (i.e. vote was triggering vote_no)
  • When switching to team mode, teams are now auto-blanced (nothing special, just goes 1-2-1-2-1-2)
  • Removed clause that forced self damage to always assume green armour equipped
  • Fixed bug where players could move when dead by holding +attack
  • Game now prevents firing during countdowns.
  • Undo/redo now cleared on map change
  • Client side prediction is now stopped after 3 seconds of lag.
  • Reduced volume of chat beep.
  • Added player weapon name on to screen when you swap weapon
  • Fixed bug where game was checking ready flag on spectators
  • Renamed xtdm -> tdm since it's not particularly experimental right now.
  • Added error code when host lookup fails (was occurring on some machines, turns out if you run in administrator it works, We're guessing some kind of windows protection is blocking host lookups)
  • Changed shadows to be in a texture atlas rather than texture array (a step towards lowering our GPU requirements to DX10.0 / SM4.0 -- this is a small performance increase too)
  • When connecting, players are automatically placed into the queue.
  • Queued players now sorted on scoreboard

Known Issues

  • Players are briefly able to fire after being killed in Arena modes.

Other changes

My notes on other changes. (AEon)

  • Added to game.cfg
addbind , cl_camera_prev_player
addbind . cl_camera_next_player
bind / cl_camera_freecam


Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed issue where soundmanager would fail to initialise if it couldn't convert sound card name (unicode issues here I suspect, working around it for now)
  • Fixed bug where you could shoot after death
  • Players can now only swap weapons when "in-game" (i.e. spectators can no-longer change weapons)
  • Players are now always pulled from queue in warmup state
  • ATDM: fixed matchpoint to only show at correct times
  • ATDM :fixed matchpoint to show team name rather than the first player on a team
  • Fixed bug where you could use POV spectate on other spectators :)
  • Fixed bug where players could select weapons they didn't have (it's less exciting that it sounds, the gun had no ammo anyway :P)
  • Spectators always see players as enemies now (red outline) -- fixes bug where when watching ppl after dead the outline colours would be wrong
  • Dead players (i.e. when spectating), can no-longer telefrag players / use jumppads.


  • When connecting to TDM/ATDM games, you'll be put in spectator mode, in all other game modes you'll be put straight into queue (for next round / or to be pulled straight in game)
  • Players are now always killed when changing teams.
  • You can no-longer join rounds in progress (you'll be queued instead)
  • Reduced lava damage (tickrate 100 -> 200, damage 20 -> 12)
  • Arena FFA now has score cap of 8
  • Spectators no-longer re-spawned at end of rounds (or ever, for that matter)
  • Added "connecting" state. (so connecting players don't get thrown straight into game)
  • Removed "Queue" option from menu, there's now just "Play", "Spectate", "Edit". When you select "Play", it'll queue you internally if required.
  • Players now have unlimited ammo in warmup mode
  • Restored .cfg stomping as everyone was asking why the POV camera next/prev didn't work. We need a proper config system to handle this gracefully. It's planned :)


  • Command line parameters now work in client as well as dedicated server (note: connect doesn't work, we will fix that with upcoming UI pass)
  • Added "crossroads" map because I want to study how Arena plays on it.


  • Added special condition for edit -> play to not respawn you.
  • Fixed issue where player state (i.e. queued / queue position) wasn't being preserved across map changes.