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Note: This build is currently in the testing branch and the testing branch is for testing. If you're not having problems with the current build, just wait until a final release.

Changelog - 0.28.x - More light, less crash


  • Fixed bug that causes probes to be unnecessarily rebuilt when brushes were moved, causing FPS drops.

0.28.3, 27 November 2014

  • Lot's of internal engine changes to get our 1000hz input polling going again.
    • It's now configurable via cl_input_subframe 1. It's disabled by default, but feel free to try it and give feedback. If you've got any input bugs, try changing this cvar to whatever it isn't.
  • Fixed server crash bug which sometimes occurred when a callvote passed.
  • Added crash reporter to dedicated server.
  • Added new menu replay.
  • Included an updated (but smaller) selection of community maps.
    • Sorry guys, we can't keep building and uploading 400mb of lightmaps.
  • Lightmap UV unwrap is now performed at start of lightmap build, rather than when brushes are created (this significantly helps stall on connect).
  • Lightmapper now can determine how much space is needed, and allocate as required.
    • This removed the upper limit on lightmap atlas size, your big maps should now light correctly
  • Increased size of lightmap atlas page (which means brushes up to 8192 units will now correctly lightmap)
  • If a single brush is too big for lightmapper, lightmapping is aborted with error to console.

0.28.3 - Now with 13% more stuff, 17 November 2014


  • This build is being deployed as a "test" version.
    • To enable test versions, right click on Reflex in steam and go to properties.
    • In the "betas" tab, use the dropdown box to select the public test branch.
    • Steam will automatically update you to test versions when available.
    • Note that test versions will often be more unstable than release versions and are not recommended unless you're having problems with the latest retail build.


  • callvote is now properly implemented. Use vote_yes and vote_no commands to vote.
    • "callvote map" now gives a list of maps on the server. It doesn't actually fit in the console properly, but it's there.
    • "callvote mode" now gives a list of modes on the server.
  • Brightened enemy outlines (and made friendly blue and enemy red)
  • Names on scoreboard are now coloured by team.
  • Reduced end of game scoreboard time from 30 to 10 seconds.


  • Removed over 500MB of unused assets. This should significantly improve things for people with older GPUs.
  • Obligatory "fixed a couple of memory leaks"
  • Refreshrate command now works as expected again.
  • Cleaned up some of the fullscreen<->windowed issues.
  • Significant changes to input system.
  • Added a few more dialogue boxes for crashes.
  • Added "r_decals" command. Setting this to 0 will increase your fps, especially if there are lots of exploding robots around.
  • Greatly increased max gamestate count on server. This should help reduce "disconnect on connect" bugs we are getting.


  • Updated editor's "nolight" texture to be at least a little bit visible.
  • ContentBrowserHack now has a search box (thanks Bonuspunkt).


  • Added default game binds:
    • F1 — Vote yes
    • F2 — Vote no
    • F3 — Ready
  • Added default editor binds:
    • T — Chat
    • Y — Team chat
    • 6 — Create Pickup
  • Removed default resolution from game.cfg.


  • Mouse speed slider now goes up to 50.
  • Added hud_* commands with some basic settings for controlling the vote/chat boxes.
  • Added new crosshairs.
    • Crosshair style can be selected using cl_crosshair 1-16.
    • Crosshair color can be selected using cl_crosshair_color 1-6.
    • Crosshairs are stored in /game/base/internal/hud/ if you feel like creating your own.



  • Fixed crash on exit bug (again).
  • Added network protocol version so we can just update clients without forcing server updates.


  • Removed lightmap cache, lightmaps now sit next to your .map files.
  • Hopefully fixed crash on close (can't repro)
  • Fixed big stall on connect - there is still a slight stall, this is the lightmaps, needs fixing still.
  • Adding missing texture warning in console.
  • Changed version naming scheme.
  • Fixed various bugs to do with lightmaps not being loaded properly.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes light mapper would prematurely go onto next bounce.
  • Added detection to light probe generation to bail if brush was waaaay out of the level (rather than crash).

Known Issues

  • r_refreshrate is actually still broken if you Alt + Enter repeatedly.
  • There can be a slight lag when connecting sometimes.
    • This is due to the way lightmapping is currently done. If your map is causing stalls when loading, the current solution is aggressive use of the "nolight" texture.
  • There is no replay on the main menu because the replay format changed and we didn't get around to making a new one.