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0.27.0, November 9, 2014 - Minor fixes

Build #27 is currently being tested. If nothing is alarmingly broken, it should be available in the next 24 hours. This update will stomp your game, editor and dedicated server configs. You should always keep a backup of these files.


Shotgun has been nerfed from 8 damage per pellet down to 6.

  • Quad now first spawns 90 seconds into the game.
  • Fixed more than 2 players in a 1v1 game bug.
  • Players can now respawn by hitting jump


  • Updated default configs.
  • Game config now has:
  • Chat is bound to T
  • Team chat is bound to Y
  • Stakegun is bound to 9
  • Next / Previous weapon is bound to Mousewheel.
  • Editor config now has create types bound to (1-5-keys)
  • Added more bindable keys numpad enter " ; /
  • Using say command with no arguments opens a chat box (no more using the console). Binds like say 1v1 me noob still work.
  • Added sayteam command.
  • Added console command keylist to print list of bindable keys.
  • Added weaponnext and weaponprev commands.


  • Server browser now sorts by ping.
  • Widened server browser window.
  • Chat is now visible in spectator/editor/end of game screens.
  • Added extra info (snapdistance, current material, create type) to editor HUD.
  • Chat messages are now a fixed color (to avoid dark player colors being unreadable).
  • Fixed terrible grammar in "fell out of the world" death message.
  • Changed main menu options to show PUBLIC / PRIVATE game.


  • Clipped cpm1, cpm3, bdm3 and xfdm2 to prevent players running around on top of it.
  • Readded nbtj2b and ps-b4 movement maps.


  • Server ports are no longer hardcoded to 25787/25797. See sv_port and sv_steamport cvars.
  • Dedicated config has default cvars listed.
  • Servers now take command line arguments (e.g reflexded.exe +sv_hostname FooBar +sv_gameport 25790 +sv_steamport 25791). Command line arguments are processed AFTER dedicatedserver.cfg.
  • Added sv_startmap command. This controls what map will be loaded when the server is first started. Do not use map bdm3 commands in your config, use this instead.
  • Updated the dedicated server guide on the official forums:


  • Restored our crash reporter. Please send crash reports -- they really do help.
  • Players in editor mode are visible again.
  • Fixed cl_gibs_maxcount 0 causing gibs to never despawn in retail build.


  • Players don't have guns. Spectators do. This is pretty funny, but we'll be fixing it within the next 24 hours.