Reflex Changelog 0.25.x

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0.25.0, November 3, 2014

Final bug fix push to get the early access build out, changes below:

  • created readme.htm (removed readme.pdf)
  • sv_public added, allows you to prevent your server publishing to steam
  • added "Start OFFLINE game" button which sets sv_public 0 before loading map
  • added pretty header/footer to main menu
  • server browser will now inform you the servers that don't match your running version
  • when joining a match in progress, you now get put on spectator team
  • fixed crash bug using '%' in say/name
  • removed r_width / r_height and created r_resolution
  • r_fullscreen can now be saved to game.cfg and not cause issues on load
  • added r_refreshrate, to see a list of available refreshrates check r_listmodes (note, you can only set refresh rate in fullscreen mode)
  • 1v1 mode no-longer spawns powerups, and now actually only lets 2 people play
  • fixed ATI black square corruption in r_lm_build
  • fixed bug where colours in options menu weren't setting correctly
  • changed menu music
  • plasma gun effects + sounds + icon
  • bolt rifle effects + sounds