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by Devil
An introduction to the built-in level editor Reflex provides.

Reflex features two main modes: Game Mode and Editor Mode.

Multiplayer Mapping

Editor mode for Reflex is a real-time 3D cooperative level editor. This creates the possibility for cooperative mapping teams to work together online at the same time instead of independently swapping map files between each other. In Reflex you can create and edit 3D levels in real-time with multiple people.

Seamless switching between game and editor mode

At any time playing in game mode you can toggle to editor mode with the default 0-key (zero). Switching seamlessly between modes. In the editor you can create brushes, make changes, and immediately test those changes back in game mode with the press of a button. There is no compilation time required between mode switches, it is instantaneous. Instant mode switching makes creating levels in Reflex a fun, efficient, and fluid process. E.g. to quickly check if certain jump heights work, or if the teleporters and jumppads are indeed working as intended.

3D view editing only

To make level editing accessible to novice mappers, the decision was made to make all level editing work using only one view, the 3D view a gamer will be familiar with. This means what you see editing is pretty much what you get when playing the map in game mode. This, alas, also means that any orthographic views like the usual XY (top-down) view, or side views, or Z-windows do not exist. You will have to align and orientate everything in the 3D view. To help the mapper the base texture set creates a visual grid on every newly created brush, and any manipulated brush shows the brush size in all three dimensions as unit numbers. Furthermore any brush and entity manipulation will only take place on an invisible "snap to grid", the spacing of which can be changed. Working to the next largest grid, like in most editors, is highly recommended, particularly in this editor. (AEon)

Brush-based level editing

Brushes are the basic building blocks of any level editor. Reflex makes it possible to quickly create and resize brushes in real-time without lag, stability issues, or light leaks that most other level editors had issues with in the past. You can do practically anything within the 3D real-time editor that you could do in dedicated level editors like GTKradiant, Forge, or Hammer.

Note: Actually you cannot as of v0.28.4, yet, but hopefully in the future. (AEon)

Real-time lighting

The map editor uses real-time lighting that is interactive with the environment including the use of HDR blooms, dynamic lighting, and dynamic shadow creation. It is not as interactive as a baked lightmap. The real-time lighting engine provides map designers with the ability to see how their map lighting will react in any environment without requiring a baked lightmap and long compile times.

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