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{{infobox command
{{infobox command
| command      = referee
| command      = referee
| parameters    = <string>
| parameters    = <sv_refpassword>
| image        = Referee_01.png
| image        = Referee_01.png
| default_para  =
| default_para  =

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Referee 01.png
Password to become a referee.
Parameter(s) <sv_refpassword>
referee <sv_refpassword>

referee and sv_refpassword were introduced in 0.37 as a way for tournament administrators to control the game settings without needing a majority vote. Referees have the ability to pass any vote without needing other players on the server to vote on the subject.

Referees may:

  • Kick players
  • Map change
  • Mode change
  • Nextmap
  • Restart map
  • Remove players
  • Choose rotation
  • Shuffle teams