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== Real Time Lighting vs Lightmaps ==
[[File:ReflexRealTimeLighting.jpeg|400px|thumb|left|Reflex Real Time Lighting]]
[[File:ReflexRealTimeLighting.jpeg|400px|thumb|left|Reflex Real Time Lighting]]

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Reflex Real Time Lighting

Reflex has 2 main modes of lighting. Real Time and Baked. Whenever you edit your map you are in real time mode. Real time lighting shown in the following screenshot from the map Deflex.

A built lightmap is also known as baked lighting. If you have absolutely no light sources (artificial or ambient outside light) in your map and you bake a lightmap everything should be pitch black like you're in a dark closet. You can't even see the gun in front of you. That is the definition of a well baked lightmap. Lighting is usually one of the last steps in map building but it's also the one that can cause new map designers the most amount of trouble. Ensure you have at least some lighting prior to building your lightmap either outside ambient light or artificial lights otherwise you won't be able to see anything.

Reflex Baked Lightmap

This is an example of exactly the same location shown after baking the lightmap. This is a great example of what a baked lightmap looks like in dark conditions with inadequate lights. The screenshot is dark on purpose to show that only baked lightmaps can achieve darker mood lighting that real time lighting cannot provide. Including baked lightmaps can help speed up connection times otherwise real time lighting has to be generated by each players GPU. Real time lighting is slightly more intensive than a built lightmap.