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Shows usage CPU/GPU on time spent in rendering.
Parameter(s) <0/1/2>
Default Parameter 0
r_profiler <0/1/2>
Sample screenshot of the r_profiler 1

With this command you can see where the time is spend and optimize/fine-tune your graphics configuration.

Note: Most infos were gather using Reflex 0.31.1, results may vary with other versions and your hardware.

Top Bar

Shows the time spend on the CPU.

Bottom Bar

Shows the time spend on the GPU. The bottom bar consists of multiple segments.

Shadows (yellow)

zPrime (light green)

  • r_zprime 0 removes the bar, increases deferred rendering time.

Gbuffer (green)

If that does not help, try reducing the resolution / go to window mode and resize the window until the green bar does not fill up so much space on the bar.

Decals (blue)

  • r_decals 0 reduces the size of the bar.

SSAO (light blue)

(introduced in 0.33)

DynLighting (red)

SunLighting (pale red)

  • r_sun 0 removes the bar.

Lighting (white)

Forward (gray)

(probably) Forward rendering, anything that cant use deferred shading eg. transparent objects such as explosions.

  • r_effect_quality <0-2> can have an impact on the performance of forward rendering.

Posteffects (magenta)

2D (cyan)

for a proper readout make sure you don't have a menu or the console open. you can try to remove unnecessary widgets - ui_hide_all will remove them all.