Nolight Texture Explained

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Nolight Texture
by Devil, AEon
This is legacy information, from 0.38 onward the texture no longer exists.
Nolight can decrease light leaks, decrease your lightmap build time, and increase a players FPS on your map.
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Nolight (or sometimes called darkcaulk) is a special material in Reflex that can be applied to brushes and brush faces. The texture is not actually meant to be used as decoration or for colouring of the map, but as means of telling Reflex's editor and especially the lightmap compiler that this brush/face should be treated differently.

The special material can be found in:


What does nolight do?

When the material is applied to a brush or brush face it reflects no light, emits none either, and apparently blocks light trying to pass though it as well.

Practically it is completely ignored by the lightmap compiler (r_lm_build) during the lighting build, meaning the nolight surfaces do not take up any space in the lightmap atlas. And this potentially significantly decrease the size of the lightmap file, .light, that is usually distributed with custom maps.

Practical use of nolight

Nolight prevents light from bouncing off the surface or passing through the texture. It is best practice to use nolight on every brush in your map and then apply other textures to only faces visible to the player. Nolight is ignored by the lightmap build which speeds up your build times significantly and if used properly can enhance the performance of your map.