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Missing texture errors on the console
by Devil
Missing textures can potentially lead to slow map loading and player disconnections.

If your map has 75 or more missing textures it is possible that a player might not be able to connect to your server and play your map. Missing textures can be a factor when it comes to people connecting to your map for online play. The more missing textures the more time it takes for the engine to output error messages and replace those textures before a player joins. This can mean the difference between a successful connection and disconnection.

Automated Texture Replacement

Upon loading a map the game will output the path to the missing textures in the console. The game engine will automatically replace missing textures with a known good substitute of dev_gray. This happens after downloading the map but prior to loading the current game state.

History of Build 28 Missing Textures

Build 28.0 saw the removal of a few very specific hazard and metal textures from the game. This instantly began causing connection issues for maps that relied on those textures. Map designers were notified in advance that textures were going to be removed but not specifically which textures. Since there was no console error message for missing textures it was possible that a map author did not even realize their map had missing textures when build 28.0 was released.

Build 28.1 introduced a console error message for missing textures. The errors are only visible in console during the initial load of a map.

Textures Removed in Build 28 & 29

  • structural/industrial/materials/brick/brick_painted
  • structural/industrial/materials/concrete/concrete_bare_01
  • structural/industrial/materials/concrete/concrete_tiles_01
  • structural/industrial/materials/organic/organic_mud
  • structural/industrial/materials/metal/metal_fence_chainlink
  • structural/industrial/materials/metal/metal_hzrd
  • structural/industrial/materials/metal/metal_hzrd2
  • structural/minimal/materials/lights/lights_white

Fixing Missing Textures

A seasoned mapper will have a good text editor at hand, check the name of the offending texture in the console, open the .map file in the text editor, and do a search/replace of the missing texture with internal/editor/textures/editor_nolight. This makes them immediately apparent in the map. Before editing, make a backup of the map. (AEon)

Another possible way for textures to go missing is to manually enter the incorrect texture path into the .map file with a text editor. If you enter an incorrect path you will receive a missing texture warning. Always ensure your paths are correct if you intend to edit your .map file with a text editor.