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This page will serve as an easy reference resource of all mapping-related console commands.

Map Editor Commands

Command Parameters Default
editorclone N/A N/A SPACE Duplicate selected object
editordelete N/A N/A BACKSPACE Delete selected object
editorundo N/A N/A Z Undo previous editor command
editorredo N/A N/A X Redo previous editor command
editortogglevertexmode N/A N/A V Toggles vertex mode
me_activematerial <material path> N/A N/A Loads new active material (texture) into console
me_getmaterial <material path> N/A K Copies currently active material (texture)
me_setmaterial <material path> N/A M Pastes currently active material (texture)
me_snapdistance <number> 16 N/A Sets snapdistance (grid spacing)
me_createtype worldspawn N/A N/A 1 Creates standard brush/block
me_createtype teleporter N/A N/A 2 Creates special teleporter brush
me_createtype jumppad N/A N/A 3 Creates special jumppad brush
me_createtype target N/A N/A 4 Creates target entity for use with teleporter & jumppad brushes.
me_createtype effect N/A N/A 5 Creates effect entity. Method to import sprite effects & 3D models.
me_createtype pointlight N/A N/A 6 Creates pointlight entity.
me_createtype pickup 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (weapons)
40, 41, 42, 43 (health)
50, 51, 52, 53 (armour)
60 (quad)
N/A 7 Creates weapon, health, and armor pickup types.
me_createtype playerspawn N/A N/A 8 Creates spawn point for a player
me_showproperties 0, 1 1 N Toggles entity properties box
me_texcoords_dec_offset_x N/A N/A LEFT N/A
me_texcoords_dec_offset_y N/A N/A DOWN N/A
me_texcoords_dec_rotation N/A N/A mousewheelup N/A
me_texcoords_dec_scale_x N/A N/A INSERT N/A
me_texcoords_dec_scale_y N/A N/A DELETE N/A
me_texcoords_flip_scale_x N/A N/A PAGEUP N/A
me_texcoords_flip_scale_y N/A N/A PAGEDOWN N/A
me_texcoords_inc_offset_x N/A N/A RIGHT N/A
me_texcoords_inc_offset_y N/A N/A UP N/A
me_texcoords_inc_rotation N/A N/A mousewheeldown N/A
me_texcoords_inc_scale_x N/A N/A HOME N/A
me_texcoords_inc_scale_y N/A N/A END N/A
me_texcoords_lock 0, 1 N/A N/A N/A

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