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The WorldSpawn Properties UI

In the image to the right you can see the user interface that shows up when you click on a brush.


Target Game Over Camera - This text box points to a target with the same name which will be used for the location of the end game camera.

Color Team A/B - Sets the default color to use when no client-side color override is set. Use if you think red & blue will not work with your maps color scheme.

Fog Color - Sets the fog color for the map.

Fog Distance Start/End - Sets the values for distance based fog.

Fog Height Top/Bottom - Sets the values for height based fog.

Title - The map title which will also be used as the steam workshop map title after the map is published.

Players Min/Max - Sets the recommended minimum and maximum players for the map.

Modes - Sets the available modes for the map. This also sets which modes your map will show up in the steam workshop callvote menu.

Cloud Properties

Preset - Chose between many pre-made cloud settings.

Speed - Sets the speed which the clouds move across the sky. This also affects the shape of the clouds making them streak more the higher the speed.

Sky Properties

Preset - Chose between many pre-made sky settings.

Sun - Change the color, intensity, angle and time of day.

Sky - Change the color of the top, middle, and bottom


Line - Set where the horizon is positioned. A value of 0 sets the horizon to always be straight ahead, negative values set it to be below and positive above.
Color - Change the color and intensity of the horizon.


Exposure - Change the thickness of the Horizon.
Exposure Sun - Change the thickness of the sun's glow and its intensity.

Stars - Set the intensity of the stars. A value of 0 turns the stars off.