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by Devil
An overview of the special brand of movement physics implemented in Relex, and a brief history where it came from.

History of Reflex CPM Physics

Reflex physics are based upon a mod from Quake 3 called Challenge Pro Mode Arena (CPMA). One of the Reflex developers (Newborn) was intimately involved with the creation of CPMA for Quake 3. The Reflex game engine was created from scratch. Nothing was directly ported from Quake 3, it was replicated using DX11 libraries and a lot of time spent ensuring it was as faithful to their original creation as possible.

Differences between CPM & VQ3

The biggest difference between VQ3 ("vanilla Quake 3" or unmodified Q3) and CPM physics is the ability to direct your movement while in the air. This is known as air movement. Distance travelled while side-strafing in the air (only pressing left or right) is reduced in CPM. It forces the player to use the forward key and forward velocity more than left or right movement keys while in the air.

CPM Physics Advancement

Another physics development that is unique to Reflex is the triple jump. You could do a double jump in both VQ3 and CPM physics. In Reflex's modified version of CPM you can stack jumps up to three times which allows the player to achieve incredible heights never seen before in a first person shooter other than perhaps the open air arenas of Tribes.

As more physics modifications are done Reflex will eventually have a unique brand of CPM physics. Some day the developers will hopefully put a name to the uniquely modified physics movement they have created. For now it is simply referred to as Reflex CPM physics.