Development Roadmap (June 2016)

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Development Roadmap - June 2016

People are asking for our up-coming roadmap so we've put an updated one together. Please keep in mind this isn't concrete and we often reorder features as needed.

We do also have other stuff planned which isn't in the list, we do need to have some surprises for you guys :)

Version 0.45.x

We've already started on this just recently. This build will include two main features.

  • First is several new robot character models, and allow customisation for each part. For example you can have legs from one robot, arms from another, and head from another. They're looking really cool in game and we'll be showing some work in progress as we progress. We're also re-doing the animations (as seen in the main menu todo list), the old ones are really rough and the new ones are adding a lot of character to the game.
  • The second is training. We're planning to have a training game mode & also some simple training maps to get people started in Reflex. These should describe the basics of the movement, weaponry and items. The training gamemode will allow workshop maps to utilize all the training components we build and we're really looking forward to what people can do here. More info will follow as we flush this out.
  • Also planning on adding some additions to casual mode, and planning on doing the grenade launch art pass.

Version 0.46.x

  • The big one for this build is the curated workshop. We'll start with having Lua scripts available on the workshop. We want to have it directly plugged in to the menu system so you can simply browse for the widget you want and subscribe to it. Extending past Lua scripts we'd like to also get to having a style guide & the ability to submit workshop melee weapons.
  • We've been wanting to add triggers & movers (aka doors & shootable targets) for a long time, it's scheduled in here. Really looking forward to this.
  • For the art side on this build we're planing to finish the shotgun which some of you have seen, and also do the bolt rifle.
  • We'll also be adding a "mutator system" and the first gameplay mutator of instagib. The idea here is you can vote for a game mode + mutator. For example: CTF + instagib.

Version 0.47.x

  • This builds main focus will be matchmaking. It may just be queue based to start with, but ultimately we want to get the game flow all sorted, and get people using it.
  • The last two weapons will have their art pass this build, RL + plasma gun.

Version 0.48.x

  • We're getting pretty far down the line here, but the core plan for this build is persistent match history. This should allow you to browse through the recent games you've played, get access to the replays & your statistics. We'd like to have a central database which can be queried by web API here too.
  • Also have lots of other small bits and pieces after this to clean up, a friends list, particle improvements, liquids etc etc. These aren't really sorted yet and will quite possibly have been squeezed in with the above builds anyway.