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Installing and Updating Using SteamCMD

Installing a Reflex Dedicated server using SteamCMD
  1. Download Steamcmd from this page (This page has a lot of useful documentation)
  2. Extract steamcmd.exe to a folder (For this example I'll extract it to a folder named steamcmd in my C drive)
  3. Open Command Prompt and navigate to the folder where steamcmd.exe resides using the "cd" command. (Example - cd c:\steamcmd)
  4. Next, paste the following line of paramters into Command Prompt to run steamcmd.exe begin downloading the Reflex Dedicated Server files.
    steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir ./reflex_ds +app_update 329740
  5. Once your Command Prompt shows "Success! App '329740' full installed", close it and navigate to "reflex_ds" in your "steamcmd" directory. Run reflexded.exe once to generate "dedicatedserver.cfg"
  6. Once you've generated your config, it's time to configure your server. Here you can change the player limit, server password, your servers name, and several other parameters

Server Commands


Reflex operates on two ports. These two ports are the sv_gameport and sv_steamport defined in your dedicatedserver.cfg. If you're running reflexded on the default ports, you'll want to ensure you have forwarded port 25787 and 25797. If you want to run multiple servers on the same machine, you will need to forward an additional two ports per server. One for the game and one for the outbound Steam connection (Example Server One running on 25787 & 25797, Server Two running on 25788 and 25799) Reflex operates on a single port using the server variable sv_gameport. If you're running reflexded on the default port, you'll want to ensure you have port 25787. If you want to run multiple servers on the same machine, you will need to forward an additional port for each server to operate on. (Example Server One running on 25787, Server Two running on 25788)


Replay recording are intentionally "turned off" right now since there isn't a system in place for players to retrieve repays. If you want to record replays, create the folder "reflexfps\replays\" in Reflex's main directory. There currently isn't any way to limit the number of replays stored on a server so be sure to clear them out every once in a while.

Right now there is no way for players to download replays from servers aside from FTP which should not be publicized. The most common solution right now is to run a webserver that serves the contents of /replays.

Setting Up Multiple Servers

For each Reflex server you would like to run, you will need to open a port. This port allows Reflex to communicate with the main server browser and communicate with each player connected. The default port for these two tasks is 25787. The problem with ports is that they can only be utilized by one server so we are going to need to setup our servers to use two different ports.

The easiest way to do this is to define two different sets of ports in your two servers' config files.

In this example server one is running on 25787 & 25797 while server two is using 25788 & 25796