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Reflex has gone through a few art style changes, this page is intended to document the promotional concept art released to the public.

High poly art style

The high poly art style was intended to be the result of a successful kickstarter campaign, unfortunately the funding goal was not met and the kickstarter campaign was cancelled.


Rocket Launcher


Fool's choice/XFDM2 Environment Art

Fool's choice/XFDM2 Environment Art

Use and Abuse/CPM3 Environment Art

Use and Abuse/CPM3 Environment Art

Aerowalk/CPM22 Environment Art

Wicked/CPM1a Environment Art


Friendly Character Art

Hostile Character Art

Friendly Character Art

Work in Progress Renders

First Person Rocket Launcher

Hostile Clay Render

Hostile Clay Render

"Tesla Punk" Ion Cannon Clay Render

Rocket Launcher Render?

Rocket Launcher Render?

"Tesla Punk" art style

A combination of Steam Punk and Tesla Punk. This art style was created post kickstarter campaign.

"Tesla Punk" Rocket Launcher

"Tesla Punk" Grenade Launcher

"Tesla Punk" Burst Gun

"Tesla Punk" Plasma Gun

"Tesla Punk" Ion Cannon

"Tesla Punk" Bolt Rifle

Low poly art style

In the end, reflex went with a Low poly art style utilizing materials instead of textures. A small budget and less development time being the main reasons followed by the fact that most competitive players will turn off the fancy graphics anyway. A positive side effect is that low poly art assets and textures will not require as much hardware power to run at desired frame-rates.