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Bind a <key> to a command.
Parameter(s) <mode> <key> <command> <parameter>
bind <mode> <key> <command> <parameter>

See the Keylist for the valid <key>s.

See the console commands for <command> examples.

As of 0.33.1, the <mode> parameter lets the bindings be assigned to either both the game and the editor when not set, or to in-game only via game only or to editor only via me.


bind tab +showscores           // Show scores via tab in-game and in editor mode.
bind game mouse1 +attack       // Left mouse button fires weapon, but only in game mode.
bind me mouse1 +editorprimary  // Left mouse button selects objects, but only in edit mode.

It is possible to call several commands with one key press, seperate the commands using ;, example:

bind game mouse3 toggleeditor; cl_show_hud 0  // Mouse3 enters edit mode and turns off the HUD.

Note: This makes addbind redundant.