2014 Christmas Multiplayer Mapping Event

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Level Overview
Christmas Tree in central plaza
NewBorn's Australian House
NewBorn's Redback
Devil's House
AEon's House
Meowgli's Pimp Shack
Eldrek and Blindlight's Combined House
Googly-Eyed Santa and Reindeer
AEon's Halloween House of Horror
Arkore's House
Documented by Devil

Event Summary

On December 20th, 2014, from 7pm EST to 11pm EST, a group of map designers got together to demonstrate the potential of the real-time cooperative map editor, built into Reflex. This was a community event planned weeks in advance and notifications were sent out on the day of the event. It showed how much can be accomplished when people get together for cooperative mapping. It was done very casually in about 4 hours by 8 people (maxclients set to 8). There were people watching the event being live streamed on twitch. Thanks to everyone that participated it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing it again next year for an even better looking neighbourhood.

We had several disconnection issues and crashes suggesting that the netcode and engine still have a long way to go from its current 0.29.2 alpha build state. Definitely room for improvement in the engine to make events like this smoother in the future. It did not impede progress but for a few minutes at a time. Everyone that participated had a great time.




A week prior to the event AEon began building a basic neighbourhood style map for multiple mappers to work on cooperatively. It was thought that using property lines would give each mapper a definitive area to work on independently. The dimensions of the map were specifically chosen to avoid visual plane issues. No matter where you are in the map you can see the other side clearly. A brilliant design choice by AEon. Because the current map editor has no group selection and group copy; every brush was drawn and placed by hand. Every house was identical and covered with dev_nolight texture prior to the event. It streamlined the entire night and the event happened exactly as expected. AEon deserves a lot of credit for his preliminary work in helping to make this event a success.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree with lighting and presents near the base was accomplished as a neighbourhood centre piece. r_bloom 1 is required to see the different coloured lighting otherwise they are all just white with r_bloom 0.

Newborn's Australian Christmas

NewBorn represented the Reflex development team by creating an Australian Christmas Theme. It features a barbecue grille, case of beer, and a snake in the patchy front yard. There are some trash bins on the side of the house and a clothesline in the front yard which transformed it into a very down to earth house to hang out at. About the only missing iconic imagery of Australia would be a crocodile laying in the front yard with a kangaroo in its mouth. Newborn fashioned a great representative house for the Australian development team. Shooter did make an appearance but was plagued by connection issues. When the developer cannot keep a stable connection to an event like this you know that is going to be put high on the todo list.

Newborn's Redback

If you ever encounter a spider the size of the Redback spider (black widow) on Newborn's roof you probably could not run away fast enough. It is a menacing monster that serves as a reminder of Australia's dangerous wildlife.

Devil's House

A 2-story house with menacing eye-shaped windows and horns replacing the chimneys. Eldrek peed his name in my lawn. Quite the healthy bladder to write out a full sentence. [:P] People seemed to like the window design and horns on the roof. The snowman in the front yard was made from 8x8x8 blocks and was the best geometrical representation of a real snowman in the map though it lacked arms and a hat.

AEon's House

AEon's House features a Coca-Cola truck, expertly crafted gift box with large bow, and Christmas tree in the yard.

Meowgli's Pimp Shack

Meowgli's Pimp Shack. Not really a Christmas theme but he participated and had fun.

Eldrek and Blindlight's House

Eldrek and Blindlight combined their houses to make one big Holiday House of Awesomeness. Snow shovelled walkway, tree house with bridge to house, tire swing, front porch swing, Menorah, snowman that looks like Olaf from Frozen, Santa, sleigh, and reindeer. Their house seemed to be the local hangout in the neighbourhood as it was the most friendly and inviting. People spent a lot of time hanging out in their yard and chatting. They really captured the essence of the project and ran away with it.

Googly-Eyed Santa

Googly-Eyed Santa embodies the purpose of the project to be a fun one instead of taking itself too seriously. Rudolph makes an appearance but the rest of the reindeer were unfortunately on a strike for reindeer rights. The brush work required to make the sleigh, Santa, and the reindeer received a lot of praise. Definitely the highlight of the entire map because of the brush work involved.

AEon's Halloween House

AEon's House of Horrors. There was a house left over that went unclaimed so I believe AEon turned it into a Halloween theme just for fun. He had this to say about his creation, "lava roofs will become all the rage I tell you."

Arkore's House

Arkore's House (not sure but think this was Arkore). Great use of white brushes on top of hedge and trees to make a snow effect. It was minimal and elegant as a nice Xmas themed house. Since we were neighbours I continued that style onto my property to keep a uniform look as did AEon, Eldrek, and Blindlight. It was neat to see a good idea spread so fast throughout the map. Neat effect and looks great for a winter theme.