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Makes your player crouch.
Default Key shift

Used for binding a key to activate crouch. Example: bind shift +crouch

The player moves at 120ups when crouch walking. When jumping and crouching your head goes down, so it can be used to duck as you fly through a low doorway. It can not be used to reach higher ledges. Air control is also reduced while crouching.

Player speed is dependant on the state of the crouch, so a half crouch will result in a walk speed of (220ups) which is in between normal walking (320ups) and full crouch walking (120ups). Half crouching only happens if your player can not stand up due to something being overhead.

The capsule "hitbox" does smoothly transition height between the fully standing sized one and the crouching sized one, it does not snap between the two. It matches the animation.

Note for mappers: Player height when crouched is 54.5u tall. However it is recommended to make areas where the player can crouch through at least 56u tall.